The Phoenix Concert Theatre; Tonronto 1st April 2010

Taper : silverjetz

Rig : Core Sound High End Binaurals (DPA 4061's)>Church Audio CA-9100 Pre-Amp v4.0 w/Battery Box Bass Filter On>Mics on Glasses/2' Right of Discoball/10' FOB>CC Mini Cable>Edirol R-09 (Mic In/AGC & Low Cut Filter Off/Flat Input Setting)>WAV M @ 24/44.1>Kingston 8 GB HC SD Card>USB>HD>Audacity dED (WAV Merge)>Adobe Audition v2.0 Amplify + 2.6db>10 Band dEQ>Gain + 2.3db>Audacity Dither (24>16 bit)>CDWav dED>Audacity dED (fades)>TLH>FLAC (8)

Length : 134.46

01. Intro / Baby Please Don't Leave Me +
02. War Machine
03. Mama Taught Me Better
04. Red Eyes & Tears
05. Bad Blood
06. Beat The Devil's Tattoo
07. Love Burns
08. Berlin
09. Weapon of Choice
10. High Low
11. Long Way Down
12. Aya
13. Ain't No Easy Way
14. Whatever Happened to My Rock 'N' Roll (Punk Song)
15. Visions Of Johanna *
16. The Toll
17. Shuffle Your Feet
18. Conscience Killer
19. Six Barrel Shotgun
20. Spread Your Love
21. American X
22. Encore
23. 666 Conducer
24. White Palms>I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier #
25. Shadow's Keeper
26. Open Invitation
27. Outro

Note :
+ Buddy Guy
* Bob Dylan
# John Lennon

Had been about a year & a half since the last time I caught the boys - 3rd show now, this time w/Leah (no pun intended) "manning" the kit. Digging the new release - tracks from which they showcased alongside older classics throughout the show. Killer as always - visuals only get better as does their live show (great moving lights throughout & lasers to finish off "Open Invitation", very nicely designed). Glad it ended up back @ it's original venue of The Phoenix, as one of the listings included shows how it was, for a time, to be moved to a much larger & really shittier venue - likely due to increased tix requests & no coinciding dates between the band & venue for a direct 2nd Phoenix show. Robert states "hot as a mofo" prior to "BTDT" & was sweltering in the room if memory serves me right.. The usual chatty T.O crowd - bummer.. Why are some people so self obessed they can't shut the fuck up for 90 mins or so? Not as long of a set as last 2 times I'd caught them, but was just over the 2hr mark which was just fine w/me. On that note, the R-09 cut the file right @ end of final # (2GB mark), hence the Audacity link in the lineage for joinng the seperate WAV's. Pretty nice raw source despite it being quite boomy in the room, even w/the filter on. Recording required some amp & gain bumps + thought it could use some more definition & this is the final result of some work - mix v8.0, after many revisions. I find it a pretty decent listen & hope you'll enjoy as much. Nice set of tunes for the changeover between acts as well, perfect setup w/Buddy Guy as the band took the stage. This is source #2 for the date as Hunkiller had already shared mp3's of his source shortly after the gig on the BRMC forum. This is the 3rd in a set of 8 uploads to come. This series documenting the band's Cdn run of shows promoting the new album "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" is dedicated to the memory of the band's sound engineer (and Robert's father), Michael Been. To quote the great Neil, "Long May You Run"...