The Academy - Dublin 1st December 2009 [MASTER]

Taper : Johnky []

Rig : At831b > Edirol R09-HR > SD CARD > Sound Forge 8.0 > CDR > FLAC > Dime

Website :

Length : 58.58

01. Mythsizer
02. Fly as You Might
03. No Chance Survival
04. Fun That We Have
05. Girl on the Sporting News
06. Unwind
07. Madrid Song
08. Only If You Run
09. On the Esplanade
10. Into the White
11. Skyscraper
12. Let it Snow / Goodbye Toronto / H
13. A Horse With No Name
14. Games for Days

I really enjoyed this show. Paul Banks was more vocal in this show than all the times I have seen Interpol put together.

There is a hiss on this recording that I am not sure what to put it down to. More noticeable in the quiter moments between tracks. Maybe one of the settings on my R09 was neither "on or of" or niether "high or low", or perhaps the battery is going in my At831b.

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