Madison Square Garden; New York 2nd April 2011

Taper : RyanJ (

Equipment: Sony TCD-D8 + Sony ECM-717 (44.1, Line In)

Transfer: D8 > 7-Pin > M-Audio CO2 Converter > Optical > Audition > WAV > FLAC [Encode 8]

01. Intro
02. Dance Yrself Clean
03. Drunk Girls
04. I Can Change
05. Time to Get Away
06. Get Innocuous
07. Daft Punk is Playing at my House
08. Too Much Love (W/ Phil Mossmanbr)
09. All my Friends
10. Tired


11. 45:33 part one (W/ Reggie Watts / 45:33 part two
12. Sound of Silver
13. 45:33 part three/four/five/six (W/ Juan Maclean and Shit Robot)
14. Freak Out
15. Starry Eyes

Intermission 2

16. Us v them
17. North American Scum (W/ Arcade Fire)
18. Bye Bye Bayou
19. You Wanted a Hit
20. Tribulations
21. Movement
22. Yeah (Crass)

23. Brief break with flashing lights and synth transitioning into . . .

24. Someone Great
25. Losing my Edge
26. Home


27. All I Want
28. Jump into the Fire (W/ Phil Mossman)
29. New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

This was the last show ever (possibly?) for LCD Soundsystem. Playing almost 4 hours worth of music the show was sold out to the brim! I have never seen an arena so packed and everyone standing! It was one huge party basically, people dancing in the aisles and everything. There is a webcast of the full show and this is an audience recording. It is an average audience recording, but I thought someone might like it. I don't think I will ever forget this show. Certainly one of my favorite shows I have ever been to!


here is the link to the soundboard rip from the FLV file from youtube: