The Dave Matthews Band
April 2, 1993
Salem College
Winston Salem, N.C.

Source: Soundboard + Audio Technica 813>Yamaha MM10 Mixer>Sony D-10 Pro
Taped by: Rick Stern

Transfer: D-10 Pro (original mastering deck) > ODL312>NJB3 > Firewire > SoundForge 6
(resample to 44.1)>CDArchitect5 (burn & rip)>Flac
Transfer & Tracking by: Rick Stern

**Please DO NOT Convert this show to
MP3 or any other lossy format
to reseed/upload**

Set I
d1t01 Dancing Nancies
d1t02 Lie In Our Graves
d1t03 What Would You Say
d1t04 Typical Situation
d1t05 The Maker
d1t06 Granny
d1t07 Conversation With Audience
d1t08 Recently
d1t09 Jimi Thing

Set II
d2t01 Two Step (Dave only)
d2t02 I'll Back You Up (Dave & Stefan)
d2t03 Ants Marching (long intro jam)
d2t04 Warehouse
d2t05 Angel From Montgomery

d3t01 Help Myself
d3t02 The Song That Jane Likes
d3t03 Spotlight
d3t04 Tuneing/Pregnant Pause
d3t05 Pay For What You Get
d3t06 Tripping Billies
d3t07 Conversation With Audience
d3t08 Minarets
d3t09 Blue Water
d3t10 Halloween

Show Comments

Salem College is an all-girl school in Winston Salem. I got a call from Carter about 4 that afternoon telling me they were coming into town. They had a local sound company come in and do the PA, Jeff was on FOH. Probably about 50 or so people there. I ran a matrix from my AT-813's and a stereo feed from the board, thru my Yamaha MM10 Portable Mixer. Mainly board, very little room, very clean mix. This was in the cafeteria of the school. NO ONE (including the band) has this, there was a DAT in the FOH rack but Jeff didn't bother to roll it.

This show doesn't appear on any of the sites (antsmarching, etc.), so it's one of those "lost shows". Except for about 10 seconds of diginoise/droput in the 2nd set where the tape got chowed when my 3700 was screwing up, it's PRISTINE.

This is hot DMB, when they were NOBODIES and had no idea they were going to break. They're just a hungry young band, trying to make it out of Charlottesville. The "Rick" that Carter is dedicating Halloween to is ME!

The band had originally asked me to sit on this (in '94). It's been long enough that I don't think they'd mind it getting out. My master is the ONLY COPY of this show.

Please show me the respect of passing this on as you've found it, and including this text file (signed & unmodified) in any upload.


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Anyone that see's someone trying to SELL this show, should report the seller IMMEDIATELY to the DMB organization.