Gund Arena; Cleveland 3rd May 2001



Sound Quality : Excellent Remastered ALD

Length : 129.01

01. P.A.
02. Intro (Trippy Elevation)
03. Elevation
04. Beautiful Day
05. Until the End of the World
06. New Year's Day
07. Kite
08. New York
09. I Will Follow
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
11. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
12. Band Introduction
13. In A Little While
14. Desire
15. Stay (Faraway, So Close)
16. Bad
17. Where the Streets Have No Name
18. Mysterious Ways
19. The Fly / Charlton Heston Speech
20. Bullet the Blue Sky
21. With Or Without You
22. Pride (In the Name of Love)
23. One
24. I Remember You
25. Walk On

Audio Sample :
U2 - Kite - Cleveland 3rd May 2001 [ALD]

Notes :
All I know about this bootleg is that it was probably taken from the famous ALD source and then remastered. The sound is enhanced when compared to the Cleveland ALD that was spread around.

But I really can't say what was done as a remastering and who did it cause I can't remember how precisely I got this bootleg. I was a student at that time so moving from a place to another and not really organized with the bootlegs job…! So I think I got it from a trade but as I've never been into serious trading, I may have gotten it elsewhere (who knows if I don't ?… :-) )

So, I did not have any txt file nor any information of any kind about this bootleg, apart from the fact that it was a remaster. The bootleg was burnt on CD-R ; remaster was mentioned on the discs (and it does match with what I remember of)

Anyway, it is lossless (see F.A. enclosed) ; I've extracted and converted the files to FLAC :

CD-R > xAct 2.38 > FLAC 44.1 kHz / 16 bit FLAC (level 8 ) > you

You'll also find enclosed an extract from Pimm Jal De La Parra's book "U2 Live: A Concert Documentary" with information about the Cleveland gig. FYI, Pimm Jal De La Parra died in 2002, shortly after the end of the Elevation tour.