Primavera Sound Festival
Parc Del F˛rum; Barcelona 3rd June 2016

Taper : Antoine V. []

Rig : DPA 4061 > DPA MMA 6000 > Roland R-05 > .Wav(24bits/48kHz)

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 120.26

t01: Burn The Witch
t02: Daydreaming
t03: Decks Dark
t04: Desert Island Disk
t05: Ful Stop
t06: The National Anthem
t07: Talk Show Host
t08: Lotus Flower
t09: No Surprises
t10: Pyramid Song
t11: The Numbers
t12: Karma Police
t13: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
t14: Everything In Its Right Place
t15: Idioteque
t16: Bodysnatchers
t17: Street Spirit (Fade Out)
t18: Bloom
t19: Paranoid Android
t20: Nude
t21: 2+2=5
t22: There There
t23: Creep

Sample :
Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place - Barcelona 3rd June 2016 [Antoine V.]