Live at Brixton Academy (London, Unted Kingdom)
2022, July 3 (final night of the six-night residency)

This torrent is Red Book compatible, with a disc swap between tracks here listed as 12 and 13.

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01. [enter: One More Night]
02. Get Innocuous!
03. I Can Change
04. emotional haircut
05. You Wanted a Hit
06. tonite
07. how do you sleep?
08. Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
09. other voices
10. Tribulations
11. Someone Great
12. Losing My Edge
13. Home
14. [intermission]
15. No Love Lost
16. New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down
17. Dance Yrself Clean
18. All My Friends
19. [exeunt: Nothing Compares 2 U]

Titles in square brackets are my own. Tracks 01 and 19 are entrance/exit tracks respectively, whose titles indicate the front-of-house tapes played, and track 14 is the intermission of the show, included for transparency.

LCD Soundsystem truly do possess quite a magical power. This was the closing night of a seemingly consistently brilliant residency at the Brixton Academy celebrating the band's twentieth birthday, and my first time seeing them. The residency saw greatly dynamic setlists, with few songs safely in each show, and some real rare treats excavated at times. This final show of the residency had such an amazing set of music: with the exception of absent songs like "Never as Tired...", "Yeah", "american dream", and "black screen", I could have sat down to write down my fantasy dream LCD Soundsystem setlist and feasibly have come up with something very close to what was played. "Get Innocuous!" provided a perfect introduction; songs like "I Can Change" and "Losing My Edge" threw us cheeky little details that made the whole crowd grin; fan-faves like "Daft Punk..." and "Someone Great" provided the beautiful sound of so many thousands singing along with glee; and it was impossible not to become quite emotional during the cathartic closing performance of "All My Friends". Everybody in this world deserves to stand in a room with thousands of others and simultaneously yell "Gil! Scott! Heron!"!! The only thing that I regret is that an audio recording cannot convey the impressive light shows. The sudden reveal of the band's trademark disco ball in a nicely timed great array of light towards the end of "Get Innocuous!" promised an exciting show, and the increasingly creative use of the display behind the band on stage very much complimented the music. I couldn't see a thing for a minute or so after the blinding conclusion of "You Wanted a Hit"!

My taping setup is yet to be fully replaced after I left it on a bus homebound after caroline's wonderful 2022-02-25 concert. In the meantime, I'm using the internals of a Tascam DR-40X. I positioned myself directly in front of the sound desk, right in the centre of the venue, and (thanks to the stealth approach necessitated by Brixton Academy's tragic AMG-controlled status) recorded handheld. The incline of the venue was an aid, however I did struggle to hold the microphones high enough to totally avoid occasional slight muffles from the crowd around me, who were much taller than I am. Hopefully they're not distracting!

I also have to sincerely thank the absolutely AMAZING ally st. ives, who mastered this recording truly beautifully. I really wish that we were able to go to the same set together, but it seems that night #2 was fantastic too. Thank you ever so much, and I really hope that you enjoyed your show, ally!!

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This is a given for most who listen to this recording, but as the taping community morphs and grows with a younger generation I just want to make the obligatory plea that this tape is treated with respect:
+Please feel free to encode this recording however you want for personal use, but PLEASE do not share any lossy forms thereof (including and especially YouTube rips!!). Quality aside, this helps preserve all original information in the recording.
+Please don't sell this recording! It's a ROIO, not a bootleg; get tickets to any concert of theirs or buy their incredible live album "the long goodbye" if you want to financially support live LCD Soundsystem.
+Do feel free to add on to this info file as it's passed around, but please don't modify or remove anything you found in it.
+Enjoy!! Aren't LCD Soundsystem great?

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Played by LCD Soundsystem, who were, in alphabetical order: Alexander Doyle, Abby Echiverri, Pat Mahoney, Nicholas Millhiser, James Murphy, Tyler Pope, Korey Richey, and Nancy Whang. Support act James Righton also sang on "Home".

Taped by Emily Fleur-Alcorn (me): DR-40X > WAV [24-bit] > Mastering by ally st. ives (EQ, dynamic processing, de-esser, compression, splits) > WAV [16-bit] > Audacity (track transition touch-ups, fade, re-combine) > FLAC [16-44.1] > Audacity (re-split) > TLH (sector boundary fixes) > FLAC [16-44.1].

Artwork by ally st. ives.

You can give the band money here: https://lcdsoundsystem.com/

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