Rock Werchter; Werchter 3rd July 1983

Taper : minimax

Rig : AIWA Walkman > Extra Microphone

Sound Quality : Audience

Length : 67.18

01. Out of control
02. Twilight
03. An cat dubh
04. Surrender
05. Two hearts beat as one
06. New years day
07. Sunday bloody sunday
08. Gloria
09. Audience / Bono speech
10. 11 o'clock tick tock (incl. someone somewhere in summertime)
11. I will follow
12. Bono speech incl. Happy birthday
13. Fourty

Master - Audience recording from my old TDK-Sa C-90 Tapes

Artwork is included !! see below!

This concert I taped with an AIWA walkman and an extra microphone (I can't remember what microphone it was).

I recorded it from the middle of the audience-mob about 20 meters from the stage. The sound quality is very good +, it is a nice and typical audience recording.

O.k., there might be hundred of fm recordings of this U2 set around but there have nearly been a hundred dimers who asked me a long time ago to seed my audience master. And so here it is. (again)

Aaaaargh, as often, they played "Fourty" at the end so long and some special snippets in their songs like simple minds someone somewhere in summertime and dedicated a happy birthday to a guy called Tom.

I remember it was a hot sunday, I really enjoyed John Cale with his band, although I hoped before that he would play a solo gig. I can't remember the Simple Minds gig, but clearly have Warren Zevon (R.i.P.) with his Piano before my eyes. The Eurythmics played their Sweet dreams two times. And Peter Gabriel had to work hard after this Bono Vox Groups really successful gig.

Hope you like it!! Or not!!