Olympia Theatre; Dublin 4th March 2012

Taper : kagee1

Rig : CA14s(cards) -> CA-Ugly -> Tascam DR -> adobe audition(Levels etc) -> cdwav ->tlh -> FLAC

Length : 127.23

01. I Travel
02. 30 Frames A Second
03. Today I Died Again
04. Calling Your Name
05. Scar
06. Life In A Day
07. Hunter & The Hunted
08. Premonition
09. Wasteland
10. Love Song
11. Pleasantly Disturbed
12. In Your Room
13. The American
14. In Trance As Mission
15. 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall
16. Celebrate
17. Changeling
18. Factory
19. This Fear Of Gods
20. Promised You A Miracle
21. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
22. Encore Break
23. Theme for Great Cities
24. Someone
25. Chelsea Girl
26. Glittering Prize
27. New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84)

Left it late to a get a ticket for this, thanks Colm, but I'm glad I did.
Must be 20 years since I saw Simple Minds live and this was a fantastic gig.

I was one the floor off the Olypmia about 10 metres from the stage directly in line with Jim so this one turned out pretty damn good imho.

I left out the set break for obvious reasons - tape ends with the band still on the stage saying their good byes but as the house music containing officially released material was already playing I had to cut this. No actual performance is missing.

Charlie is a bit low in the mix - other people who were at the show commented on this so it wasn't just my hearing.