The Academy; Leicester 4th May 2011

Taper : PotiacB

Rig : Church Audio CA-11 cardoid mics ->Microphone Madness MM-CBM-MINI Battery Box ->iRiver iHP-120

Length : 82.41

01. Can't Stand Me
02. Music When The Lights Go Out
03. Arcady
04. For Lovers
05. Don't Look Back Into The Sun
06. Beg Steal And Borrow
07. Sheepskin Tearaway
08. Time For Heroes
09. At The Flophouse
10. Bucket Shop (aborted)
11. Un Bilo Titled
12. Bollywood To Battersea
13. Lady Don't Fall Backwards
14. Smashing
15. What A Waster
16. The Good Old Days
17. Back From The Dead
18. I Love You (But You're Green)
19. Bucket Shop
20. Last Of The English Roses
21. What Katie Did
22. Up The Bracket
23. Delivery
24. Albion
25. Guitar Recovery Attempt


Recorded one row back from barrier level with left stack.

This was Pete with his acoustic throughout, with a couple of ballet dancers appearing during a few songs. 1000-1500ish capacity venue, not packed but pretty full.

Pete threw his guitar, mic stand and a couple of flags into the crowd at the end - chaos ensued. Track 24 is the noise including the guitar tech speaking into the mic and then jumping into the crowd with security (half heartedly) trying to get the guitar back - it ended in a big ruck with the guitar in many pieces and the flags which were thrown into the audience being ripped to shreds as groups of youngsters fought over them - mildly amusing to watch from a distance, but not great listening. If you don't burn this track it will fit on a 80 min CD

Guitar string broke at the end of Bucket Shop and he changed guitar - he didn't seem to like the replacement and aborted Bucket Shop as soon as the other guitar had been re-strung.