Flynn Theater; Burlington 5th March 2000

Taper : stevemtl

Sound Quaity : Audience

Rig : Sennheiser MKE2002 > Denon DTR80P (DAT: 16 bit, 48 khz)

Length : 33.21

01. -talk-
02. Sweet Suburban Sky
03. -talk-
04. 'walking like a criminal'
05. -talk-
06. Fear
07. -talk-
08. Everybody Wants
09. -talk-
10. Whatever Gets You True
11. -talk-
12. It's Over Now
13. -talk-

Notes :
Interesting set by a performer completely unknown to me.
Provision of the corrent title for t04 greatly appreciated.
Applause is in balance and hoots, whistles, etc. removed or reduced.
This is a fresh transfer from my master and therefore will differ from previous uploads of this performance, if any.