Friends Arena; Stockholm 5th May 2017

Taper: Trekytt

Lineage : AT 943 External Stereo Microphones >> SP-SPSB-10-80020 - Sound Professionals -
Micro-mini microphone power supply with mini 12vdc battery >> Olympus LS- 10 >>
30m from stage >> WavePad Editor >> 48 / 24 Bit >> Dithered 44.1-16 Bit >>
Songsplit >> Tracking >> Wave >> FLAC Level 8

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 133.36

01. Intro
02. Going Backwards
03. So Much Love
04. Barrel Of A Gun
05. A Pain That Iīm Used To
06. Corrupt
07. In Your Room
08. World In My Eyes
09. Cover Me
10. Home
11. A Question of Lust
12. Poison Heart
13. Whereīs The Revolution
14. Wrong
15. Everything Counts
16. Stripped
17. Enjoy The Silence
18. Never Let Me Down Again
19. Encore Break
20. Somebody
21. Walking In My Shoes
22. Heroes (Bowie-cover)
23. I Feel You
24. Personal Jesus
25. Outro

Audio Sample :
Depeche Mode - Heroes [David Bowie] - Stockholm 5th May 2017 [Trekytt]


Excellent concert by the "synth-masters". Only negative thing is perhaps that they only played 5 songs from the latest LP. Otherwise a great concert but somehow a little bit predictable. If you compare with other "stadium-rock-bands" like "The Cure", who practiced about 100 songs and mixed their setlists every night then of course this is something totally else.

As an old fan of the "synth-masters" I understand that they work in a different way. Also maybe partly the pressure to deliver the hits like "Enjoy The Silence", "In Your Room" or "Never Let Me Down Again" is something they have to take into account when preparing the setlist. Also they have never really been a band that can switch songs as they wish.

I only hope for the sake of the fans seeing them later on this tour, that they will include more new songs, as the new LP is really the strongest for the last 10 years. This is ofcourse only my "humple opinion". "Cover Me" worked really well live.

It doesnīt mean that their latest 3-4 albums are bad, just the new LP "Spirit" is an "right-trough" strong album with almost all songs have potential to become DM-classics. At least in my "humble opinion".

The TV-screens in the stadium also of course has to be in synch with the actual song being played, so once again I really understand how this machinery works, just a bit sad that they could have mixed it up with some other older songs and play at least 2 more songs from the excellent new LP. New songs like "Scum" or "Fail" are too good to be left out.

The TV-screens were really great, I think most of you will enjoy the "visuals".

I have to give credit to the other "stadium-veterans" U2, when they toured "ZOO TV" they played 8 songs of the "Achtung Baby"-album every night. Again we are talking about a different "stadium-rock-monster" here.

Personal highlights for me this evening was hearing all 5 new songs and ofcourse the songs "Barrel of A Gun" and "Home" from my favorite DM-album "Ultra".

Of course each and everyone of you has different opinions and letīs face it, Itīs very hard for an "stadium-rock-band" to please every human being out 40.000-50.000.

Also they payed tribute to Bowie with the cover "Heroes". Great stuff.

Otherwise an perfect concert, as always.

Hope you will enjoy the opening concert from the "Global Spirit"-tour.

Enjoy the rest of the world-tour and hoping too see more recordings later on, thank you.