The City Stadium; Cardiff 5th June 2010

Rig : Ca 11 Mics > Edirol R9HR

Length : 124.42

01. [Welsh National Anthem]
02. Kasabian - Where Did All The Love Go [PA]
03. Trouble
04. A Thousand Trees
05. More Life in a Tramp's Vest
06. I Got Your Number
07. Superman
08. Pick a Part That's new
09. Have a Nice Day
10. Uppercut
11. Stuck in a Rut
12. I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
13. Could You Be The One?
14. Maybe Tomorrow
15. Innocent
16. Beerbottle
17. Vegas Two Times
18. Mr. Writer
19. Devil
20. Bright Red Star
21. Traffic
22. Same Size Feet
23. Caravan Holiday / Just Looking
24. Local Boy in the Photograph
25. Billy Davey's Daughter
26. She's Alright
27. The Bartender And The Thief
28. Dakota

Halfway during Same Size Feet The band were forced to stop due people climbing on the roof of a merchandise booth. Kelly told them to get down or else they cannot perform. They eventually came down accompanied with circus drums rolls from Javier. They restarted at the beginning of the first verse.