Arena Open Air; Vienna 5th July 2009

Taper : FotherMucker []

Lineage : SP-CMC-4U (low sens mod)-> SP-SPSB-10-> H140 (rockboxed)-> WAV-> Adobe Audition (levels & normalization)-> Audacity (tracking, bass boost & fading)-> FLAC8 (dbpoweramp)

Length : 85.40

N-Trance - Set you free (intro) (PA)
Pretty visitors
This house is a circus
The view from the afternoon
Still take you home
Da frame 2R
Crying lightning (new song)
Fluorescent adolescent
If you were there, beware
When the sun goes down
Dangerous animals (new song)
From the ritz to the rubble
I bet you look good on the dancefloor
Potion approaching (new song)
Leave before the lights come on
Only ones who know
Do me a favour
Secret door (new song)