The Paradiso; Amsterdam 5th September 2011

Taper : ianmacd

Rig : 2 x matched DPA 4060 mics -> DPA MMA6000 amplifier (100 Hz low-cut filter) -> Edirol R-09HR recorder (44.1 kHz/16 bit WAV)

Length : 101.24

01. Movin' On Up
02. Slip Inside This House
03. Don't Fight It, Feel It
04. Damaged
05. I'm Comin' Down
06. Inner Flight
07. Higher Than The Sun
08. Loaded
09. Come Together
11. Country Girl
12. Jailbird
13. Rocks


'Tired' doesn't begin to describe how I felt on the occasion of this gig. My three year old son was the culprit, having kept me awake half the night before.

If it hadn't been for the fact that I hate to waste money, I might very well have stayed at home. I'm not a Primal Scream fan and the original release of 'Screamadelica' in 1991 had failed to spark my interest, but when I heard the band were coming to Amsterdam and would be playing the album in its entirety, it seemed like a show worth attending.

After suffering some drop-outs on the right channel during the La's gig in August, I had traced the problem to a faulty microphone and purchased a brand new pair of matched DPA 4060 microphones as a remedy. Tonight was the inaugural recording of the new mics and I'm pleased to be able to say that they performed flawlessly.

It was evident from the support band, Little Barrie, that tonight was going to be an assault on the ears.

Primal Scream were seriously loud; too loud, really; one of the loudest gigs I've attended in several years. As a result, the recording sounds better than the event on the night, because the mics can handle greater sustained sound pressure than my ears can.

Given that 'Screamadelica' was the name of the game this evening, the set contained no surprises. Only the encore had to be pulled from elsewhere, the album having been exhausted prior to leaving the stage.

It was a good evening out, even if it didn't recall carefree, hedonistic times for yours truly. Those around me, however, were clearly reliving the acid house days/daze of 1991. The crowd became more and more lively as the evening wore on.

As usual, I have performed no software trickery to enhance the recording. This is a faithful reproduction of the show as heard on the night. The sound is excellent throughout.