Sigur Rós
Ambassador Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

Lineage: Soundboard > DAT > cd-r (master) > Easy CD-DA Extractor > flac > wav > Abode Audition 3.0 > CD Wave Editor v1.98 > Traders Little Helper v2.6.0 > flac > you

01. Vaka
02. Fyrsta
03. Samskeyti
04. Ný Batterí
05. Njósnavélin
06. Svefn-G-Englar
07. Salka
08. Hafssól
09. Von
10. Popplagið

Previously uncirculated soundboard. Acquired from Jon @
This has not yet been posted on his blog, but will likely appear at some point, probably after being remastered.
Quality is such that I feel this can be shared in it's original form - it is superb.
I received this from Jon in flac format, but it had some tracking and track transition issues (small gaps) so I converted to wav and fixed the transition issues, and retracked it.
I haven't done anything else.
The audio a little on the rough side until the 6min mark. But it's only apparent when Jonsi's voice sours. After that it's pristine for the remainder of the recording.