Pink Floyd - 1977 07-06 Montreal All Is Forgiven (Stereo Version) 6 Source Mix

Yes, this is the "Spitting Incident" where Roger spits on a fan after calling him to the stage in a "demonic" voice
Yes, the spitting incident (allegedly) propelled the group to write "The Wall" to isolate the band from the fans
Yes, there are 6 sources synchronized. 3 from "Recorder 1" and 3 from "Recorder 2"
Yes, The Last Animalized is most definitely, 100% sure, no doubt about it, Recorder 1
No, there was not any noise reduction or any EQing done

Audio Used:
Recorder 1
The Last Animalized (YEESHKUL, flac)
Azimuth Coordinator (DIME, shn)
Fire Works Show In The Canadian Walls (YEESHKUL, flac)

Recorder 2
Who Was Trained Not To Spit On The Fan (YEESHKUL, flac)
Montreal 1977 (DIME, flac)
Roar Ends (DIME, flac)

Download 6 versions in either .shn or .flac > Goldwave (Make each version a single .wav file) > Adobe Audition synchronize (time expand, time compress, and/or split and move), then mixdown all 6 files to one file > Goldwave (split files with .cue sheet) > DBPowerAmp convert to .flac (level 8) > You

By calling this the "Stereo Version", it means there is a "DTS" version available. This version never went thru any steps to make it lossy.

None of the 6 versions were the same speed as each other. They all fluctuated and had an ever-changing speed rhythm of their own, which did not stay the least bit constant throughout the files. I chose the "Harvested" version as the correct speed version, so the other 5 had to match the speed of "Who Was Trained Not To Spit On The Fan". The other 5 versions would individually speed up for a minute, slow down for 8, speed up for 3, slow down for 45 seconds and so on, making it almost impossible to synchronize. In some areas, the files were off by 6 or 7 percent, more than a full second in 20 seconds. They all had either some missing parts or some additional parts making each version either longer or shorter that the others, a whole different problem than just speed correction. Finding those parts was an adventure, it added to the level of difficulty for sure. What looked like might take a time compression of 8 seconds in 5 minutes, really needed 10 seconds cut out to match the others and then a 2 second time expansion.

For every minute of the show, each version took me approximately 15 minutes to synchronize. 6 versions times 15 minutes = 1 1/2 hours, times 146 minutes for the concert = about 220 hours to complete. If I had known it would take that long I never would have done it, but after I started I couldn't stop.

On various sites, a few different people said they were going to do a mix after they finished downloading that particular version. I would love to hear from anyone that started doing a mix, what you encountered, how far you got, etc. Maybe just to confirm that it was "almost" impossible to synchronize.

Disc 1 75:41

1. Sheep 11:00
2. Pigs On The Wing Pt 1 2:03
3. Dogs 17:30
4. Angry Pigs On The Wing Pt 2 3:51
5. Pigs (3 Different Ones) 19:30
6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts 1-5 13:37
7. Welcome To The Machine 8:10

Disc 2 71:10

1. Have A Cigar 5:30
2. Wish You Were Here 6:30
3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts 6-9 23:36
4. Money 13:30
5. Us And Them 9:39
6. Drift Away Blues 12:25

Total Time 146:51 (2:26:51)