Bord Gais Energy Theatre; Dublin 6th October 2019

Taper : Kagee1

Rig : CA14(Cards) > CA9200 > Edirol R05 > Adobde Audition(levels Etc) > cdwave > tlh > you

Sound Quality : Audience

Length : 110.01

01. Infernal Machines
02. Generation Sex
03. Office Politics
04. Norman & Norma
05. Come Home Billy Bird
06. Queuejumper
07. Absolutely Obsolete
08. Commuter Love
09. I'm A Stranger Here
10. Europop
11. At The Indie Disco
12. The Life & Soul Of The Party
13. A Feather In Your Cap
14. The Synthesiser Service Centre Super Summer Sale
15. A Lady Of A Certain Age
16. To The Rescue
17. Something For The Weekend
18. I Life
19. National Express
20. When The Working Day Is Done
21. Encore Break
22. Opportunity Knox
23. Philip & Steve's Furniture Removal Company
24. Songs of Love
25. Tonight We Fly

My sister and I made our regular trip to see Neil Hannon & co whenever they play Dublin.

A very enjoyable show - the first on the tour.

Can't remember what seat I was in for this but I remember it was pretty far back. That said this didn't turn out too bad

There were complaints online after the show about poor sound but I thought it was OK. There is an annoying hum from the PA for most of the show though.

The last 2 songs are performed Opry Style with Neil & the band clustered around 1 mic.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc I'd suggest splitting after The Life & Soul of The Party.

Remember to support The Divine Comedy - go to their shows, buy their records & their merch.

Enjoy the show!