X-Tra Club; Zürich 7th February 2010


Rig : MM-HLSC-1 (on hat) > SP-SPSB-6524 > Edirol R09-HR @ 24/48 (line-in)

Length : 128.39

01. Intro (from PA)
02. Fugitive
03. Draw the line
04. You're the world to me
05. Life in slow motion
06. Now and always
07. First chance
08. Sail away
09. Freedom
10. This years love
11. Jackdaw
12. The one I love
13. Otherside
14. Harder
15. Babylon
16. Nemesis
17. Ain't no love
18. Kathleen
19. Be mine
20. Please forgive me
21. We're not right
22. Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Taper notes :
I always thought David Gray sounded better "live" than "in studio". I had a blast seeing him live for the first time. He is quite an impressive singer and a great crowd entertainer. We also had some amazing light effects thru the whole show that really added emotion.

Despite the huge amount of crowd chatters around me, the recording turns out to be pretty good (cardioid caps). You can hear an annoying guy singing on a few songs (World to me, The one I love...) in the right channel. He was way taller than me and had his head at the same level than my right mic. The place was packed so I couldn't move. Sorry...

Many thanks to a very participating crowd : we got two more songs that weren't meant to be played, including a Bruce Springsteen cover of Atlantic City. I looked at the "Draw the line 2009/2010 tour" setlists over at both db.etree.org and archive.org and couldn't find another recording of this song, so mine might be pretty rare :)