The Saga; Copenhagen 7th May 1991

Sound Quality : Audience

Length : 60.32

01. Intro
02. Interesting Drug
03. Mute Witness
04. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
05. November Spawned A Monster
06. Will Never Marry
07. Sing Your Life
08. Asian Rut
09. Pregnant For The Last Time
10. King Leer
11. That's Entertainment (The Jam)
12. Everyday Is Like Sunday
13. Our Frank
14. Piccadilly Palare
15. Trash (New York Dolls)
16. Suedehead
17. Cosmic Dancer (T. Rex)
18. Disappointed

Morrissey wasn't very talkative throughout this show, perhaps because of the language barrier. He wasn't yet as confident in front of foreign audiences as he would become later in his career. His only banter in Copenhagen consisted of occasional 'thank you's, and the introduction of the then unreleased "Pregnant For The Last Time" as a " song". He was also more reserved in his lyric improvisations. He made the usual changes in "Everyday Is Like Sunday" but also sang "Back down to the bench where your clothes were stolen".