Finsbury Park; London 8th June 2013

Taper : Petrock2000

Source 1: Icom IC-R5 > Edirol R-09HR (44.1MHz 24 bit) Left Channel
Source 2: AT838 > SP-SPSB-10 > Edirol R-09 (44.1kHz 16 bit) Right Channel

Length :

01. I Wanna Be Adored (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
02. Elephant Stone (IEM/AUD)
03. Ten Storey Love Song (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
04. Standing Here (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
05. Going Down (AUD)
06. Shoot You Down (AUD)
07. Fools Gold (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
08. Something's Burning (AUD)
09. Waterfall (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
10. Don't Stop (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
11. She Bangs the Drums (IEM/AUD)
12. Love Spreads (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
13. This Is the One (AUD)
14. Made of Stone (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
15. Breaking into Heaven (PARTIAL IEM/AUD)
16. Elizabeth My Dear (IEM/AUD)
17. I Am the Resurrection (IEM/AUD)

Songs marked IEM/AUD may be patched with AUD in short periods.

The IEM sounded fantastic, almost a straight soundboard. Unfortunately the wide use of mobile / cell phones and the fact I could not get close to the stage meant that the signal was awful. I used the IEM where I could but I estimate only about 30% of the IEM was good enough. AUD source recorded directly in front of one of the repeater towers and sounds as best as the environment would allow with chatter inbetween songs and during the quieter songs.

The Stone Roses - Elephant Stone - London 8th June 2013 [IEM]