The Luxor; Cologne 8th November 1987

Sound Quality : Audience

Length : 49.35

01 introduction [0:39]
02 So Sad About Us [3:45]
03 Gentle Tuesday [3:54]
04 Sonic Sister Love [2:40]
05 Treasure Trip [3:32]
06 May the Sun Shine Bright for You [2:36]
07 Love You [5:50]
08 Star Fruit Surf Rider [1:58] >
09 I'm Gonna Make You Mine [2:30]
10 Silent Spring [3:14]
11 Imperial [4:02]
12 Spirea - X [1:54] >
13 unknown [3:36] >
14 Gloria [4:07]
15 Imperial [3:36] >
16 White Riot [1:34]

Band line-up:
Bobby Gillespie – vocals
Jim Beattie – guitar
Andrew Innes – guitar
Robert "Throb" Young – bass
Gavin Skinner - drums
-- and possibly --
Martin St. John - tambourine



With much gratitude to the generosity of buenaventura, we're proud to bring you a limited series with more wonderful material to counterbalance the so far terrible '20s.

This limited series is being so coined because there isn't a deluge of tapes coming through for this right now, and the scope of it is still undetermined. There's enough on tap to keep going for a bit longer, but no telling if/when the floodgates might open.

This time we go further back in time to Köln for more pre-acid house Primal Scream, at Luxor.

The set captures that time before they shed their earlier melodic Byrds sound and propelled themselves forward into a Radio Birdman/MC5-ish ensemble. The set even maps that future trajectory, opening with their mellow Who cover and ending with the Clash. Those earlier jangly songs from "Sonic Flower Groove" are what preside over the set with the album being a month old at this time, but the medley out of "Spirea - X" is where they take messy twists and turns through a garage punk rave-up, before they dispense with their usual cover of the Stooges' "Loose," obliging the audience requests with a smidge of "White Riot" however bewilderingly preceded by a live double take of "Imperial."

Sound is pretty nice on this one -- the vocals are not very distinct in places, but that's probably more the fault of the singing than the taping. There's a slight recording level adjustment on "Sonic Sister Love," but nothing intrusive.