Barclays Center; New York 8th December 2012

Taper: Powerage5

Lineage: Core Sound LCB mics > Edirol R-09 > Mac > Audacity (Tracking, equalizing) > Dime

Length : 143.21

01. Intro
02. Get Off Of My Cloud
03. I Wanna Be Your Man
04. The Last Time
05. Paint It Black
06. Gimme Shelter [w/ Mary J. Blige]
07. Wild Horses
08. I'm Going Down [w/ Gary Clark Jr.]
09. All Down The Line
10. Miss You
11. One More Shot
12. Doom & Gloom
13. It's Only Rock N' Roll
14. Honky Tonk Women
15. Band Introductions
16. Before They Make Me Run
17. Happy
18. Midnight Rambler
19. Start Me Up
20. Tumbling Dice
21. Brown Sugar
22. Sympathy For The Devil
23. You Can't Always Get What You Want
24. Jumpin' Jack Flash
25. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Notes :
I'm by no means a great taper in an arena setting - if you've heard any of my other recordings you'll know my comfort zone is approximately 1,000-person clubs. That being said, I went into the Barclays Center last night wondering if I'd walk out with a recording that was even listenable. All things considered, I don't think this turned out i too i0 bad.

I faced my share of problems in taping this though. I hadn't accounted for people standing up, sitting down, etc, and when the people around me did, my sound changed pretty drastically. The sound was the best when everyone around me was sitting (For reference, that would be from about Wild Horses through It's Only Rock N' Roll) - I've i heavily i0 EQ-ed the rest of the show to match this sound as closely as I could. I did as best a job on it as I could, if someone thinks they can do better please feel free to go back to square one an remaster it!

Additionally, I was surrounded by plenty of loud people. On the recording it's far from being a constant, but you can overhear people around me talking here and there, some singing/clapping and a couple quite loud screams. The upper bowl in the Barclays Center has the rows i so i0 close together, and a lot of the crowd noise is actually from the people behind me! I had one guy behind me singing more and more progressively throughout the show, doesn't start to get too noticeable until about Midnight Rambler. I also had a number of people in my row going in and out for beer (I'm personally disgusted that people spending $300 on a ticket would miss 15 or more minutes of a 2 hour show just to get a beer), so there are a couple minor phasing spots. The one i very i0 bad spot is in The Last Time - I had a heavy-set drunk trying to squeeze out of the aisle that had the urge to talk to every person as he passed them, including me. There's about 30 seconds of the song that are taken up by him talking to the woman next to me and peaking my mics out as he rubbed against me while shimmying out - I'm really sorry about how terrible that little section is.

I went to this show as a fan first and foremost - taping was secondary. I chose to record it at fear that no one else would as most tapers seem unwilling to pay the Stones' obscene ticket prices this time around. I hope despite it not being a perfect recording you're able to enjoy it.

As always, don't sell or convert to lossy.

P.S. - If anyone wants to take a shot a remastering this better, please do! I can provide the unaltered raw file if you want it for a remastering project!}