Gocheok Sky Dome; Seoul 8th December 2019

Sources :
01. Crew IEM
02. Bono IEM
03. Edge IEM
04. Adam IEM (Mono)
05. Bono Wireless Microphone
06. Drum Tech IEM
07. Dallas IEM

Sound Quality : Amazing 8 Source Project

Mixed, Produced, and Mastered by Sharebear/Hoserama
Aligned in Adobe Audition
Mixed in Reaper, using extra waves and Ozone plug-ins
Dithered using Izotope MBIT+
Flac'ed using Trader's Little Helper Mix Version 20201111

Length : 132:40

01. Intro
02. Sunday Bloody Sunday
03. I Will Follow
04. New Year's Day
05. Pride (In the Name of Love)
06. Where the Streets Have No Name
07. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
08. With or Without You
09. Bullet the Blue Sky
10. Running To Stand Still
11. Red Hill Mining Town
12. In God's Country
13. Trip Through Your Wires
14. One Tree Hill
15. Exit
16. Mothers Of The Disappeared
17. Desire
18. Elevation Intro
19. Elevation
20. Vertigo
21. Even Better Than The Real Thing
22. Every Breaking Wave
23. Beautiful Day
24. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
25. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
26. One


Show Report:
Feisty fun show in a new location for both the band and myself. Big cavernous baseball stadium, and you can hear the slapback on the recording. Major failure with Terry world at the beginning, as the computer track was only partially coming down, with several false starts. U2 ended up just coming out direct, and no computer track until Streets. Which is why they scratched Bad, as that song needs the synth backing track. Even with the snafu at the beginning, it was still a fun energetic show.

Recording Notes:
Solid multiple IEM mix of the show. My friend's audience rig had a recording failure, so no audience recording mixed in. I played with mixing in the other two audience sources, but just didn't quite stitch together very well.

Counts are scrubbed, but you might hear the occasional artifact. Clicks are mostly scrubbed, although there will be a bit of a remainder in sections. It's always a compromise, and I'd rather remove 90% of the metronome and leave the music intact instead of removing 99% of metronome and damaging the music.

And just for something different on this release, I'm releasing the raw feeds along side it. Straight 24bit/44.1khz master tracks. The only adjustment I did was normalizing, and then time aligned the Dallas and Drum tech feed. Just in case folks want to know what the straight feeds sound like, its everything but Larry's straight feed (which I don't even bother to record). At least you can hear the difference between the Bono IEM and Drum Tech IEM, which eludes some folks.


As always, encouraging people to get into taping and mixing. Just take the craft seriously and it will reward you many times over. There's no point in complaining about missing recordings or subpar quality if you're not contributing--pushing 1's and 0's around on the internet is no comparison for taping.


IEM recordings are not for everyone. If not they're not your thing, either sonically or ethically, there's excellent alternative recordings out there.

Similarly, I'm mixing primarily for my ears. This is what sounds best to me. This may not sound best to you. That's a fair statement. I'm open to honest criticism (although you should have caught me when I was working on the mix!), but pointless complaining is unappreciated (naturally). Let's play nice. Or maybe lug in recording equipment and make an alternate mix of your own sources.

-- Please don't convert to mp3, then back to wave, and then trade it around. This stuff is too easy to find on torrents now.

Feel free to remaster/remix this recording. Just keep it to your own computer and iPod.

Also, please don't torrent or share on other sites without at least dropping me a line and asking. This includes Youtube! I may want to just torrent/share it there myself. This includes sites like guitars101! Just ask permission, it's not that hard.

Please ask (and wait for permission!) before putting it into any matrix + video production. If you ask nicely for a quality high-res video project, I will likely say yes. If you put it on YouTube or cell phone video production without asking, I will send my cats from hell to chew your computer cables. And if you're a Brazilian with a name that starts with V, and rhymes with tree, you do not have permission to use it for any video project (how much more clear do I need to get?!)