T-Mobile Arena; Las Vegas 9th April 2016

Taper : rockphantom

Rig : Lineage: Church Audio CA-14 Cardoid Mics - > Church Audio Ugly 2 Preamp (Gain setting +15db) -> Sony PCM-M10 -> 24/96 WAV
Transfer : Sony Vegas 10 Pro -> 16/44.1 -> Adobe Audition - > Audacity 2.1.2 (tracking) -> Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 (FLAC level 8 lossless compression & verification) -> YOU

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 160.00

[01] Intro (4:22)
[02] It's So Easy (3:06)
[03] Mr. Brownstone (4:04)
[04] Chinese Democracy (3:50)
[05] Welcome To The Jungle (5:05)
[06] Double Talkin' Jive (5:23)
[07] Estranged (9:03)
[08] Live And Let Die (3:38)
[09] Rocket Queen (11:28)
[10] You Could Be Mine (5:35)
[11] You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (intro) (0:52)
[12] Attitude (3:40)
[13] This I Love (5:58)
[14] Coma (9:51)
[15] Theme From The Godfather (3:34)
[16] Sweet Child O'Mine (6:36)
[17] Better (6:14)
[18] Civil War (8:17)
[19] My Michelle (4:07)
[20] Wish You Were Here (instrumental) (4:27)
[21] Layla outro (instrumental) (3:33)
[22] November Rain (9:35)
[23] Knockin' On Heaven's Door (10:50)
[24] Nightrain (7:23)
[25] Don't Cry (5:03)
[26] The Seeker (3:19)
[27] Paradise City (6:54)
[28] Outro (4:25)

Audio Sample :
Guns N' Roses - Paradise City - Las Vegas 9th April 2016 [rockphantom]

Taper Notes :
The events leading up to the April 9th Guns concert were rather uneventful...

This time around, Limulus and I headed to the T-Mobile Arena at 6PM. I bought several Vegas themed GNR T-shirts for my massive Guns N' Roses memorabilia collection. After this, we spent some time outside the venue entrance and spoke to other fans in the crowd, including one young man who travelled from Costa Rica to see Guns N' Roses. Talk about dedication! After chatting with the Costa Rican fan for about 20 minutes, Limulus and I lined up in front of the entrance and waited for the T-Mobile Arena to open its doors. Thankfully, on April 9th, the doors opened on time!

On this night, I entered through the main entrance and once again the metal detector went off. For an unknown reason, the metal detecting wand buzzed around my ankle. A security staffer asked if I had a metal plate in my leg. I quickly said, YES (I don't), and walked away...

I setup my gear prior to Alice In Chains taking the stage. I was able to tape their entire 45 minute set!

Guns N' Roses took the stage at 11PM, which was a welcomed change from the previous 12AM start time. I was able to capture their entire performance without mishaps.

The highlight of this show was the appearance of Sebastian Bach who sang co-lead with Axl on the Appetite Classic, My Michelle!

Overall, I'd say the second concert was the best of the two night stand in Sin City. Axl seems to perform at his best when he knows he has the next night off.

After the show, Limulus and I spent some time with another fan in front of the arena and watched a bootleg T-shirt dealer get hassled by the authorities. This was very entertaining! If the dealer had been willing to sell me his last shirt for $5, he could have avoided the entire ordeal!

A few minutes after the bootleg T-Shirt dealer bust, Limulus and I headed towards the New York New York Center Bar for the post show GNR fan gathering. We met several well known collectors from the GNR trading scene and hung out for a few hours before heading home...

Guns N' Roses must have an open taping policy in 2016....
I had my mics mounted on a hat in plain sight of venue staff on both nights and was given no grief!
Thank you, Axl!!

Please tape/film this band when you see them!!


Guns N' Roses are:

W. Axl Rose: Vocals - Live from Dave Grohl's Rock N' Roll Throne
Slash: Lead Guitar
Duff McKagan: Bass Guitar