The 3Arena; Dublin 9th July 2015 [MASTER]
++ Supporting THE LIBERTINES [Also Taped] ++

Taper : Johnky []

Rig : Sony ECM-CS10 > Edirol R09-HR > SD CARD > Sound Forge 11.0 > WAV > FLAC

Websites : /==/

Sound Quality : Sample Below

Length : 41.55

01. Intro
02. Are You In Love With A Notion
03. Cavorting
04. How Good It Was
05. Lose Control
06. Sycophant
07. Small Bones
08. Next Time You Call
09. Not Nineteen Forever
10. What Took You So Long

Audio Sample :
The Courteeners - Cavorting - Dublin 9th July 2015 [johnky]

Videos :
The Courteeners - Not Nineteen Forever - 3Arena; Dublin 9th July 2015 [johnky]

The Courteeners - What Took You So Long? - 3Arena; Dublin 9th July 2015 [johnky]


Notes :
Really, REALLY disappointed in this setlist. I have liked these guys since 2008. Their first album was great, second okay and then there have been some one or two great songs scattered in every release since. So, my thinking was, they had 45mins to get Dublin bouncing before THE LIBERTINES. It was appaling. They had OASIS' "Morning Glory" coming ou over the PA beforehand. Had they walked out to that and kept walking out the far side of the stage, it would have been perfect. Liam Fray loves himself too much. As a side note, if you have been around for 6-7years, dont change your name and drop the "THE"!!!