The Village; Dublin 10th December 2011

Taper :Kagee1

Rig : CA14s(cards) -> CA9200 -> Edirol R09HR ->Adobe Audtion -> cdwave - > FLAC @ 8

Length : 63.51

01. Intro-tuning
02. Kinky Afro
03. Unknown
04. Loose fit
05. Unknown
06. Hallelujah
07. Unknown
08. Its A Big Day In The North
09. In The Name Of The Father
10. Unknown
11. Wrote for Luck
12. 24 Party People
13. Encore Break
14. Tuning-feedback
15. Step on

Left this one sitting on my hd for a variety of reasons - poor sound in the venue, levels a tad messy at the start and to be honest overall it was a pretty bad performance.

We barely got an hour out of Shaun & his band on the night and it wasn't exactly stellar.

Some Happy Monday's tunes, a couple of Black Grape tunes and some solo tunes for an album Shaun was plugging all night but doesn't appear to have surfaced.

I named the tunes I know and left the ones I don't as unknown so any help with the titles is appreciated.

As I already said the sound in the venue was pretty bad on the night, add to that a Dublin crowd on a Saturday night before Christmas and you've got less than ideal taping conditions.

Its not the worst tape I've ever pulled but its far from being the worse.

Lets hope the upcoming Happy Monday's reunion tour produces some better performances.