Fleetwood Mac
Selland Arena
Fresno, California
December 10, 1987

Westwood One Superstar Concert Series 97-18 pre-FM

Original airdate: Week of April 28th, 1997
Lineage: CD > EAC > FLAC > Audacity (tracking) > FLAC > TLH > FLAC (L8)

01. JJ Jackson Broadcast Introduction
02. Say You Love Me
03. Dreams
04. Isn't It Midnight
05. Commercials
06. Oh Well
07. Seven Wonders
08. Over My Head
09. Commercials
10. Gold Dust woman
11. Anyone Ever Written
12. Don't Stop
13. JJ Jackson Broadcast Outro

Band Personnel:
Mick Fleetwood: Drums, percussion
John McVie: Bass guitar
Stevie Nicks: Vocals
Christine McVie: Vocals, Keyboards
Billy Burnette: Vocals, Guitar
Rick Vito: Vocals, Lead Guitar

Notes (from r_benavides):
This is from an original copy of the radio show. It has not been altered. It includes national commercials and the songs are grouped as they were in the broadcast. Nothing has been changed. I own hundreds of original radio shows which I am posting. I know there will be people who want them with the commercials edited out and the songs indexed. Could I do that for any certain one? Yes. Could I do that for hundreds? No. Also, I wanted to present them in their original format. You are welcome to edit it however you wish. I have included a copy of the original cue sheets. The info I am giving was either on the cues or on the discs themselves, but I have not verified it to be correct. It would not surprise me if it is not. Unlike what I have done with posts at other sites I will only be posting these once. Once they are upped I will be deleting the files. This particular one says it was recorded in Los Angeles in 1982 and Fresno, Ca. in 1987.

Additional Notes: As with pretty much every one of these Westwood One superstar concert series pre-FM releases, this sounds incredible. The original broadcast was composed of songs from October 21-22, 1982 in Los Angeles and December 10, 1987 in Fresno, California. The 1982 Los Angeles show has been officially released. Because the official release/Westwood One broadcast are compilations of two shows from October 21-22, I guess it is theoretically possible that the songs from the Westwood One broadcast are from a different show than the official release but I haven't checked. The 1982 Los Angeles songs are not included here.

I tracked the original audio from the 1987 Fresno, California portion of the Westwood One broadcast in Audacity. Absolutely no changes, meaning that the commercials have been kept here. I cleaned up the SBE with TLH and created a checksum. -ledwhofloyd (Ross), Dec. 2021