Foo Fighters
Philadelphia, PA USA
94.4 WYSP Radio Station Show
July 11th, 2000

Total Runtime:
Quality: A+
Source: Pre-FM Soundboard
Set: Complete
Generation: 1st gen CDR straight from the master tapes
Transfer: CDR > WAV? > FLAC Frontend

01 Intro
02 Breakout
03 My Hero
04 tuning
05 Stacked Actors
06 Led Zeppelin tease
07 Learn to Fly - with Dave's acid-trip story
08 Tuning
09 Next Year
10 For All The Cows
11 Kiss tease, Pearl Jam tease
12 Everlong
13 Ozzy + Chili Peppers tease, talking
14 Weezer tattoo, talking
15 This Is A Call

Originally by ChrisIHC
I'm writing to let you Foo Fighters fans out there know that I have something VERY COOL
that has not been released yet anywhere - trust me, it's one of a kind. I can't really say
how I got it, but I have a pre-FM soundboard recording of the Foo's acoustic gig at INDRE studios
in Philadelphia on 7.11.00. This show was broadcast over the radio, but it was edited and cut at
some points because of cursing and Dave telling a story about doing acid during "Learn to Fry", lol.
I have the full, unedited version of this show and I have never released it anywhere, never traded it out.
Once again, it's a pre-FM soundboard, so the quality is amazing...oh, mine's a 1st gen CDR straight from the
master tapes at the radio station.