Sigur Rós
Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland

Lineage: Soundboard DAT (PIAS promo recording) > CD-R (1st gen) > EAC v0.99 prebeta 5 (Secure Mode) > FLAC > Abode Audition 3 > FLAC > you

01. Nýja Lagiđ
02. Fyrsta
03. Samskeyti
04. Svefn-G-Englar
05. Ný Batterí
06. Vaka
07. Mělŕno
08. Olsen Olsen
09. Dauđalagiđ
10. Hafssól
11. Popplagiđ

I uploaded a version of this recording in 2006, but that was from a 2nd generation copy which had had some noise reduction applied to it an attempt to counter the sound imperfections (clicks which were mostly restricted to the first track).
However, this process degraded the sound quality significantly in other areas.
So this new version is a rip from 1st gen cd-r's which had no NR applied to them.
I ripped the cd-r's and sent the flac's to Jon to remaster. Jon runs the Victory Rose blog (, and works alot with Sigur Rós live recordings.
Please visit his site for an amazing amount of goodies.
His work eliminated the clicks and enhanced the already outstanding quality of this recording.
This is without doubt the best live recording of Sigur Rós available.

So this is a significant upgrade over what was previously circulating.

Here is an outline of the work Jon did on the remaster.
Had a look and for the most part here is what I used to arrive at that particular sound for this particular concert:
A. Removed all extraneous crackling from the entire concert (for consistency)
B. Reduced volume a LOT on the bangs and feedback (tried a lot of different methods but in the end, so as no to adversely affect the overall sound I just reduced it as much as possible
C. Olsen Olsen starts quietly but as I couldn't be sure if this is 'as source' I just left it alone. (you wouldn't have noticed probably!)
1. T-racks Vintage EQ-eqp 1a - Started with 'warm suite + presence' and worked from there.
2. T-racks Compressor [wont bore you with settings] but increased stereo enhancement by 2.3db
3. T-racks Vintage Comp. 670 - Little bit of work on the R channel
4. T-racks Brick wall Limiter - 'clean'
5. Ozone Mastering Suite 4 - Harmonic exciter
6. Hard Limiting - 1.2 db boost
(Probably did some other bits and bobs but this is what I can easily trace)
All the above is the end result of going through a LOT of different settings/sequences/set ups. Once I found the sound I liked I worked with the specifics.
Then checked through ESI nEar 05 Monitor speakers / Shure SE530 headphones/ Sennheisser MX560 - through iPod & Creative 0404 external Soundcard to see how it would sound on different set ups