Irvine Meadows; Irvine 11th August 1999

Sound Quality : Potential IEM

Lineage : Schoeps MK4s > rmod > D-100 (no sbm) > CDR

Length : 114.19

Disc 1:

t01: intro
t02: Lotus
t03: What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
t04: So Fast, So Numb
t05: Suspicion
t06: Stand
t07: How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us
t08: Low Desert
t09: Daysleeper
t10: The Apologist
t11: The One I Love
t12: Sweetness Follows
t13: The Great Beyond
t14: Losing My Religion
t15: Find The River

Disc 2:

t01: At My Most Beautiful
t02: Pop Song 89
t03: Walk Unafraid
t04: Man On The Moon
t05: Hope
t06: Why Not Smile
t07: Crush With Eyeliner
t08: Tongue
t09: So. Central Rain
t10: It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Notes: This show has been mistakenly labeled as a soundboard on many lists.
It is actually a VERY high-end audience recording.
This exact source was used for a CD-R bootleg titled "Stand Up".

There have been a few R.E.M. shows that have appeared throughout the years that have been described as ‘almost excellent’ recordings and this is one of them. There has been a lot of confusion about the source of this show with some people thinking it’s a soundboard and others saying it was a very high-end audience recording. Personally, given my line of work as an audio engineer, I’m convinced that it’s actually an IEM recording, or at least that it has its origins in that format and may have been matrixed with an audience recording at some point. Regardless, I thought it could have been improved sonically and having acquired some nice new toys for my studio I thought I’d have a go at remastering the show. I recently completed a masters-degree in composition and my main focus through my work was focused on how the environment has a bearing on the music performed within and how that environment can shape the listening experience. I explored methods of ‘faking’ this experience through various techniques such as binaural panning and placement of sources within headphones and the use of impulse response technology which takes a snapshot of a particular space and then superimposes it upon a recording. I’ve employed similar techniques in this re-master. While this may sound pretty heavy - In a nutshell the listening experience should now feel a lot more immersive and those listening on headphones should experience an almost surround sound feel. For anyone else listening on a different format you will hopefully experience a more spacious sounding mix. Soundboard/IEM mixes often sound very flat and very ‘up-front’ with no real depth of field when it comes to the sound. This remaster hopes to address that problem.