E Center Camden; New Jersey 11th August 1999

Sound Quality : Soundboard


01. In The Flesh [4:35]
02. The Thin Ice [2:43]
03. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 [3:01]
04. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives [1:43]
05. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 [5:38]
06. Mother [5:58]
07. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert [0:53]
08. Southampton Dock [2:22]
09. Pigs On The Wing Part 1 [1:22]
10. Dogs [17:09]
11. Welcome To The Machine [7:13]
12. Wish You Were Here [5:08]
13. Shine On You Crazy Diamond [15:48]


01. Speak To Me [1:06]
02. Breathe [2:42]
03. Time [6:12]
04. The Great Gig In The Sky [1:06]
05. Money [6:01]
06. Every Strangers Eyes [5:43]
07. The Powers That Be [5:04]
08. What God Wants Part 1 [6:12]
09. Perfect Sense Part 1 [4:26]
10. Perfect Sense Part 2 [2:56]
11. It's A Miracle [9:00]
12. Amused To Death [8:27]
13. introducing the band [1:15]
14. Brain Damage [4:06]
15. Eclipse [2:05]
16. Comfortably Numb [9:19]

Audio Sample :
Roger Waters - Comfortably Numb - New Jersey 11th August 1999 [SBD]

I dare to say that this is the most spectacular upgrade we ever did from an original Harvested weed. Moreover, the resulting Rev.A is, in our view, the de-fi-ni-ti-ve RoIO from Roger's 1999 U.S. Tour! The original Harvested release used the famous soundboard recording from the Camden show (apparently the only SBD source to have surfaced from the 1999 tour), patching the very end of Comfortably Numb with an audience recording from the same era (but not from the Camden concert). This SBD recording has a lot of good aspects: sound is very clear, and there's a lot of brightness, especially for acoustic instruments. Guitar solos have a real sharpness, every "attack" of each note can be heard. Also, vocals are upfront, revealing a lot of details that most audience recordings miss. However, I always found it difficult to really enjoy that Camden SBD source (I never succeeded listening to it more than 30 minutes at a time). The fact is that it misses good and deep low end. Sound is rather cold and flat. The fact that it's almost pure mono is also a weak point, because we miss the stereo perspective of the show. I had in my collection a superb mastertape audience recording from the Camden show (BTW big thanks to Arne!). This AUD source has excellent bass, deep and warm, and also very good stereo perspective. It was recorded from a seat near the rear speakers, so it is the perfect counterpart to the SBD source (which is more "front speakers" oriented). The idea of the 'Rev A' was to upgrade the original SBD weed, with a completely new mix, combining the best aspects of each source, in order to get a result with both brightness and warm sound. It was a real challenge and the process was very slow and difficult, mainly because the two sources had to be perfectly synchronised, and also because I had to find the perfect balance between the two. I did the synchronisation and balance, then Ed came in the process, mainly for quality assurance and also to carefully reduce the hiss at some places, without degrading the sound clarity. Now that the remastering is complete, we're very proud of the result. There's a feeling of "being there", with stereo perspective and good and deep low end, thanks to the AUD source. There's also a lot of details and brightness thanks to the SBD recording. An interesting point is the intro of Money. The SBD source misses some of the cash register noises, due to the distribution of these noises through the quadraphonic system. By combining SBD and AUD sources, the cash register noises are more complete, and there's also a stereo perspective. Similar things can be said for the "Hello... Would you like a cup of coffee?" at the beginning of "Every Strangers Eyes", echoed through the hall. One of the most impressive improvements from original weed, is the stereo perspective, e.g. during the synth parts of Welcome To The Machine. And the very end of Comfortably Numb is now truely from the Camden show (the audience patch used for the end of CN on the original Harvested release was not). To summarise, we think this Rev.A of "In The Flesh Tour '99" is probably the most enjoyable recording from the 1999 Tour. Play it loud on a good equipment, and maybe you'll even like this recording better than the official "In The Flesh" release, which by the way is taken from the following year, and therefore does not contain What God Wants Part 1 and The Powers That Be.