The Cribs Live Sessions

Broadcast MTV One in the UK on 11th October 2009

PAL PRO 4:3 DVD with MTV Letterbox

Lineage: Digital Satellite Broadcast>Sky+ Hard Drive>Sony RDR-GX350 DVD Recorder (2 hour mode)>
Womble MPEG Video Wizard (Remove Adverts etc and author basic DVD)

01. Interview
02. Cheat On Me
03. Interview
04. We Share The Same Skies
05. Interview
06. City Of Bugs
07. Interview
08. Be Safe
09. Interview
10. I'm A Realist


No menus, chapter marks at start of each song/section.

I edited out a 25 second montage of promo videos at the beginning of the broadcast.

I've checked that this burns OK with Nero and plays OK on my DVD player.

The click at the end of City Of Bugs was on the broadcast on was not a function of the editing.

(It was also present on a repeat broadcast on MTV One+1)