Rough Trade; London 13th January 1990

Sound Quality : Audience

Length : 22.50

01 In a Different Place [9:57]
02 Taste [12:52]



Now we're coming to the point where there's unfinished busy-ness on top of inflows and outflows of a wealth of material, while we run into NAB and other questionable forks in the road, and the blurring of TGPC and the Stonecutter Archives along with one's own. We're getting close to Vol. 200 of TGPC, so it's time to rummage through the old storage and get some unshared older and newer transfers out there in a parallel race to the finish line, so we can accelerate this and move on to the elegymart archives before that turns to dust. The previous shares of the Stonecutter Archives weren't named or numbered, because there was no foresight that the bot would one day disappear into thin air. Thankfully we now have that database salvaged, but since the numbered series functioned so well to keep track of TGPC, we're applying the same approach here.

Here's the next major drop courtesy of the Stonecutter Archives. There was a thought about calling it Ticket to Ride, but that seemed to connote some exchange of currency, while Free Ride would mistakenly lead others to believe this series focuses on Foghat or Edgar Winter uploads (apologies to those of you who just had your hopes squashed there). For the rest of you, buckle yourself in, because you want to do this safely -- let's see if you can all handle having TGPC and the R.O.Y.A.L. series running neck-in-neck. That's if we don't crash over here first. For now we won't divulge who has the inner or outer track, but brace yourself for the ride.

Beaming us from the flying saucer ride in the last volume to this appetizer at an in-store in Covent Garden from the titular band of the series, Ride. Please check to make sure you have all your belongings with you including your molecules before you step off the UFO.

The Rough Trade shop that was at this location was situated in the basement of Slam City Skates, and at this time was in existence for about two years. The alleyway store is still there, but Rough Trade moved out of its tight subterranean spot and would be superseded by the Rough Trade East in Brick Lane in 2007.

This recording has the sound one would expect from an in-store performance, done on what would have been a lo-fi recorder. The band play two tracks from their debut album which wouldn't be released until the fall of 1990, but they play nothing from their three EPs. The audience is diminutive in attendance, and the instrumentation closely recorded, although the vocals are buried to some extent. When we say Ride is playing elongated versions of these tracks, let's justify by comparison even with the post-album release live performance time of these songs, both clock in significantly longer. "In a Different Place" is about double the length of the album track, and "Taste" is quadruple its studio recorded duration.

Hard to tell how much of this was planned, or if the band got a bit lost playing these in such early form. They sheepishly confess to being embarrassed by the performance after ending it, so who knows if they were planning to play more than two songs and were too discouraged by their meandering to continue. There's no other indication upon listening to it that it wasn't an intentional shoegazing wormhole they were working themselves into other than the end comment.