Madison Square Garden; New York 12th February 1975

Sound Quality : Soundboard

Length : 172.07

01. Introduction
02. Rock And Roll
03. Sick Again
04. Over The Hills And Far Away
05. In My Time Of Dying
06. The Song Remains The Same
07. The Rain Song
08. Kashmir

01. No Quarter
02. Trampled Underfoot
03. Moby Dick

01. Dazed And Confused [Includes: "San Francisco", and "Walter's Walk"]
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Black Dog
05. Heartbreaker [Includes: "That's Alright Mama"]

One of the best, and most popular Led Zeppelin shows of not only the 1975 U.S tour, but of their careers.

This show is considered to be the "turning point" of the U.S 75 tour, the time when the band shake of their ailments (Plant was suffering from the flu, and Jimmy had injured his finger) and start to play at their best again.

I personally think the band turned themselves around when they hit Philadelphia (2-8-75), but that's just my opinion on that issue.

Review about this performance from

"A great show! It may have been a blizzard outside but the Garden was rocking this night! "We came four blocks in the snow to get here ... you realise that? People were calling me on the telephone today and saying 'Is it gonna be on?' For a minute I was wondering about my anatomy, then I realised there was some discrepancy about the weather. Isn't it good though that it snows? Doesn't it change the vibe of the city? I think it's great!" The band is in excellent form and delivers a great show. Robert sounds good and strong, Jonesy and Bonzo are amazing as always, and Jimmy is incendiary tonight, especially at the end of Sick Again. He extends the solo in Over The Hills And Far Away to an incredible length and soars. No Quarter is dedicated to Jones that "...made Monthy Python's Flying Circus a flop in New York" tonight and his imppecably clean fingernails. Moby Dick is like a hurricane and Dazed And Confused just blows everybody out to the cosmic level! A bunch of heavy solid encores with an excellent Heartbreaker with some lyrics of Elvis Presley's That's Alright Mama thrown in closing this amazing eveing. This is definitely a triumph for the entire band and, not only a strong concert but also probably the best from the 1975 US Tour. "Ladies and gentlemen of New York ... you're too much ... and we ain't so bad ourselves!" and the show was over.