San Francisco
November 12, 2022
The Orpheum

1. Multiple IEM Receivers > Multitrack Recorder (24/44.1)
Taper: Sharebear/hoserama

2. Custom Omnis > Custom 12v battery box > M10 (24/48)
Taper: Salem

* Note: Custom mics are very similiar to the DPA 4061

Mixed by sharebear/hoserama
Dithered using Izotope MBIT+
Flac'ed using Trader's Little Helper
Mix version 20221205C


01. Intro
02. City of Blinding Lights
03. Vertigo
04. (On Tour With Me Book)
05. With Or Without You
06. (Show Intro)
07. (I Was Born With an Eccentric Heart)
08. (My Father, The Tenor)
09. (My Mother, Iris)
10. (The Ramones)
11. Out of Control
12. (Geomoetry and Geography of the Irish Mind)
13. (Drummer Seeks Musician)
14. (Larry Mullen Jr.)
15. (The Edge)
16. (Adam Clayton)
17. Stories for Boys
18. (U2's Rehearsal Room)
19. I Will Follow
20. Iris
21. (Back in the Sorrento Lounge)
22. (Mt. Temple Comprehensive School)
23. (Paul McGuinness)
24. (Business of Pumped Up Personalities)
25. Sunday Bloody Sunday
26. (Two Tenors in Search of a Third)
27. Pride
28. (A Bigger Brain)
29. Where the Streets Have No Name
30. (After the Joshua Tree)
31. Desire
32. (Love Makes the World Go Around)
33. (Back in the Sorrento Lounge Again)
34. Beautiful Day
35. (Unscientific Theory)
36. Torna a Surriento
37. (Closing Remarks)
38. City of Blinding Lights

(Parentheses indicate spoken word sections and set pieces)


Show Notes:
About the halfway point of Bono's book tour, second to last in the US. Bono's voice in good form, mind in good spirit, and a good and respectful crowd. Glad I went and saw it, although I think just one show is good enough for me.

Recording Notes:
The PA for this show was on the low side, and the dynamics were very wide. Bono goes from a whisper that you can't hear unless you're next to the speaker to a loud yell of a rock star. Then since the PA volume is low, crowd noise can overpower the music easily. Thankfully the wireless recordings help greatly in that regard, putting a direct line from Bono's microphone(s) to your ears. That said, the wireless cames with a bunch of extra sauce. All four folks on stage to a high level of click track and verbal cues during the musical sections of the show. In particular, several songs have a "one" cue on every downbeat of the song. Very annoying for the outside listener (can't blame them though--not meant for outside listening). I've spent a lot of time scrubbing those counts and clicks. Sometimes you'll hear a little left over, or some artifacts when the cue overlapped with a spoken word. Can't be perfect, but much better than the original source in my opinion.

Plus if you don't like it, there's several other excellent audience recordings of this show released for free.


As always, encouraging people to get into taping and mixing. Just take the craft seriously and it will reward you many times over. There's no point in complaining about missing recordings or subpar quality if you're not contributing--pushing 1's and 0's around on the internet is no comparison for taping.


IEM recordings are not for everyone. If not they're not your thing, either sonically or ethically, well at least you didn't spend any money on this.

Similarly, I'm mixing primarily for my ears. This is what sounds best to me. This may not sound best to you. That's a fair statement. I'm open to honest criticism (although you should have caught me when I was working on the mix!), but pointless complaining is unappreciated (naturally). Let's play nice.


Please don't sell this recording in any way - no cash for blanks, 2:1s, or any other form of "getting paid for your time". Just share it freely.

Please don't convert to mp3, then back to wave, and then trade it around. This stuff is too easy to find on torrents now.

Feel free to remaster/remix this recording. Just keep it to your own computer and iPod.

Also, please don't torrent or share on other sites without at least dropping me a line and asking. I may want to just torrent/share it there myself. This means you, guitar101!

Please ask (and wait for permission!) before putting it into any matrix + video production. If you ask nicely for a quality high-res video project, I will likely say “yes”. If you put it on YouTube or cell phone video production without asking, I will send my cats from hell to chew your computer cables.


Enjoy y'all!
- Hoserama/Sharebear