The Button Factory; Dublin 13th May 2016 [FINAL SHOW]

Taper : Kagee & Kagee Jnr

Rig : CA11s(cards) > CA9200 > R09HR > Audacity (levels etc) > cdwav > tlh > you

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 71.39

01. Stella
02. Down At The Radiotron
03. Prayer for the Broken Hearted
04. The Days of Wine & Roes
05. Death Threats
06. Sunshine Serenade
07. Downtown
08. We Want Blood
09. Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats
10. Ceremony
11. Milk White Tears
12. Murder
13. Everybody Needs A Grave
14. The Hardship
15. Horse Tranquilisers
16. Magazine > Waiting for The Man > The End

Sample :
The Mighty Stef - Downtown - Dublin 13th May 2016 [Kagee]

Tapers Notes :
The final gig from The Mighty Stef - they've decided to call it a day and go their seperate ways. :-(

Not the first time I've taped them - I have at least 10 other shows on my hd but this is the first one I've shared.

A great gig from start to finish.

This one turned out pretty good - I taped from beside the soundboard. Only draw back is the amount of talking going on around me. It's only audible during the quieter parts of the gig and towards the end when 2 people moved in front of me and just wouldn't shut up.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc I'd suggest splitting after Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats.

I'd normally put a line in here about supporting the band etc but as they are no more there is no real need for it. However they are all going on to other projects so you can support them instead.