The Fonda Theatre; Los Angeles 13th October 2013

Taper : klingklang

Rig : CA-14 (cardioids) > CA-UBB > Edirol R-09HR (@ 24bit/96kHz) > Audacity (16bit/44.1kHz) > CD Wave > TLH (flac level 8)

Length : 111.02

01. 2013
02. Jailbird
03. Burning Wheel
04. Shoot Speed/Kill Light
05. Relativity
06. Damaged
07. River Of Pain
08. Goodbye Johnny
09. Autobahn 66
10. It's Alright, It's OK
11. Swastika Eyes
12. Country Girl
13. Rocks
14. Higher Than The Sun
15. I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
16. Loaded
17. Movin' On Up

Audio Sample :
Primal Scream - Shoot Speed/Kill Light - Los Angeles 13th October 2013 [klingklang]


This is another band I wish I could see more often live, but they sadly don't tour the US very much, so this was just my 4th Scream show. I think this was only their 5th tour of the US and I don't even know if this 2013 tour really counts since it was only 4 California shows. While it was sad not to see Mani with them anymore, this was probably the best show I've seen in terms of performance. The last Los Angeles show (for the Beautiful Future tour) was good too, but the crowd didn't seem into it. And when the crowd was into it on the previous tours for Evil Heat and XTRMNTR, then Bobby wasn't into it. But this show was a marvel at nearly two hours and it's always a joy for me to watch Darrin play live (I especially loved his playing during the spaceout jam in "River Of Pain"). Bobby talked a lot and often laughed (e.g. when attempting to say something but being cut off because the song started; at Andrew messing up "Autobahn 66"), and even added a spoken word version of "Exterminator" to the end of "Swastika Eyes." I do admit to being somewhat disappointed in the minimal presence of VP, XTRMNTR, EH and the complete lack of BF material, but that's only because I'm more of a fan of the electronic and psychedelic side of this band rather than the Stones-y side. But I was very happy to hear "Autobahn 66," which I've only seen live once before, as well as the songs from the recent album, 'More Light,' which were great to hear live for the first time.

I'd read that the previous night's San Francisco show had sound problems (due to the band not being able to soundcheck since they arrived late into the Bay Area because of visa issues). They were able to soundcheck in Los Angeles, but there were constant feedback issues throughout the evening (supposedly, the band didn't bring their own sound crew). The feedback was quickly resolved each and every time, but be warned that they are plentiful. And just to mention, Andrew's backing vocals were really high in the beginning of this show, but were eventually turned down.

The wooper/screamer who was next to me during the openers, The Icarus Line, unfortunately returned next to me for this set. I tried to lean forward so that he wouldn't be in front of me, but that resulted in me being at a weird angle and I ended up getting a heavy left channel (I tried to balance that out as best as I could). This person scream-woops in practically every song (only "2013," "Burning Wheel" and "Relativity" are spared). He also claps in "Goodbye Johnny," "Autobahn 66," "It's Alright," "Country Girl" and "Loaded." And he sings along to the chorus on "Swastika Eyes" through "Rocks." Despite my complaints about him, he's actually more tolerable than having talkers next to me; after all, this fellow was just enjoying himself.

At the end of the encore, a man made his way over to my area and began to complain about the people he left because they criticized his behavior. I soon discovered why those people had found this man annoying for he kept talking and sang through "HTTS." Fortunately, he's not as loud on this recording as he was at the show, but I have to say he was extremely distracting as he had to touch and express his love for everyone that went by him. Besides him and the wooper, the only other audience noise is very brief chatter during "2013."

I amplified this, but did nothing else to the recording. And if burning to cd, the suggested split is between "Swastika Eyes" and "Country Girl."

Please support the band by buying their official releases and merch (when they have any, for they didn't bring any merch on this California jaunt). And if you haven't bought it already, please be sure to pick up their amazing 2013 release, 'More Light.'

Bobby Gillespie - vocals, percussion
Andrew Innes - guitar, backing vocals
Martin Duffy - keyboards, programming
Darrin Mooney - drums, percussion
Little Barrie Cadogan - guitar, backing vocals
Simone-Marie Butler - bass, backing vocals