Vicar Street; Dublin 13th October 2013

Taper : kagee

Rig : CA14s(cards) > CA9100 > Edirol R09HR > Adobe Audtion > cdwave > tlh > Flac 8

Length : 106.39


01. Intro
02. (I Never Loved) Eva Braun
03. Like Clorkwork
04. Neon Heart
05. (She's Gonna) Do You In
06. Banter
07. Someone's Looking At You
08. Joey's On the Street Again
09. Banter - Intro to Banana Republic
10. Banana Republic
11. Having My Picture Taken
12. She's So Modern


13. I Don't Like Mondays
14. Close As You'll Ever Be
15. When The Night Comes
16. Me & Howard Hughes
17. Mary of the Fourth Form
18. Lookin' After No 1
19. Rat Trap
20. Encore Break
21. Never Bite The Hand That Feeds
22. Diamond Smiles
23. The Boomtown Rats

The 2nd of nights in Vicar Street from The Boomtown Rats.

I have to admit that this gig was a revelation to me - I was there predominatly to see the support act The Mighty Stef (who were excellent) and I had never been the biggest Rats fan.

That all changed thanks to this performance - Geldof is an outstanding front man & the band were excellent. I was surprised at how many songs I actually knew.

This one turned out pretty darn good - I wasn't too far from the stage and the crowd around me were quiet enough. Some talkers during the show but nothing to intrusive.

I'm not entirely sure of the name of the last tune - it was a techno type tune where they say The Boomtown Rats alot.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc I'd suggest splitting after She's So Modern.

Audio Sample :
The Boomtown Rats - I Dont Like Mondays - Dublin 13th October 2013 [kagee1]