Paradiso; Amsterdam 14th January 1978

Sound Quality : FM Broadcast - Sample Below

Length : 36.09

01. Love -> Building On Fire
02. Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town
03. Don't Worry About The Government
04. Take Me To The River
05. The Book I Read
06. New Feeling
07. Let's Work (A Clean Break)
08. Who Is It?
09. Psycho Killer

Audio Sample :
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer - Amsterdam 14th January 1978 [FM]

This is a partial recording of this show; but according to the enclosed PDF file by Louisfyne that contains an extensive and seemingly well informed listing of Talking Heads shows with setlists it is missing only 3 songs. If anyone knows better - please let us all know!

The sound quality is excellent, with nice stereo separation and next to no hiss. Hans really must have kept his tapes under very good conditions.

I downloaded this show as one long flac file from madtapers blog; so I split the tracks and added a fade in and a fade out at the very beginning and end.

Other than that i didn't do anything to the original file - especially no NR or EQing. Added ffp and md5 files, wrote up this info file, and tagged the flac'ed individual tracks. Hope you enjoy the result!