The Smiths
Opera House
Boston, MA
June 14, 1985
(TapeTyrant Master Series Volume 2)

Recording: Nak 300's > Sony TC-D5

Transfer: Master Cassettes > Nakamichi DR-01 (azimuth adjusted) > Sound Devices USBPre2 > Audacity > iZotope RX 8 / ozone 9 (mastered) > xACT 2.50 > FLAC

01 William, It Was Really Nothing
02 Nowhere Fast
03 I Want The One I Canít Have
04 Jean
05 What She Said
06 How Soon Is Now?
07 That Joke Isnít Funny Anymore
08 Stretch Out And Wait
09 Shakespeareís Sister
10 Rusholme Ruffians
11 The Headmasterís Ritual
12 Hand In Glove
13 Still Ill
14 Meat Is Murder
15 Heaven Knows Iím Miserable Now
16 This Charming Man
17 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
18 Miserable Lie
19 Barbarism Begins At Home

Known Faults:
-Hand In Glove: start cut

Welcome to Volume 2 of an exciting new master series featuring the master recordings of dime member "tapetyrant". The series will predominately feature captures in the Northeast and Southern California areas. We will touch on multiple genres with a strong focus on Jazz Fusion, New Wave and Rock.

Tapetyrant was an active taper in the 1980's and much of the 1990's before, like many of us, hanging up the mics. What he captured during that time is uniformly excellent quality and his master tapes have been safely stored, the first batch are in pristine condition. Some shows may circulate from lower generation copies but most have remained uncirculated until now and have not ever circulated directly from the masters.

Prior to DAT, the heavy lifting was entirely done by a Sony D5 with NAK 300's and taping was serious business, acquiring the best seats possible and working to keep neighbors in check.

Our second release is a ripping set from The Smiths captured at the Opera House in Boston supporting their second release "Meat Is Murder".

This show has circulated previously via a 2nd generation tape from dime member "glasnostrd19", I do not have that share to compare but with the cut in the same place presumably it's the same capture though that share mentions it was recorded from the first row of the balcony and tapetyrant thinks he was on the floor around row 20.

This is the first release directly from the D5 master tape, The capture is brilliant and I've given it the super deluxe mastering treatment, seamlessly removing any and all external audience noises. It needed just a slight centering of the vocals and has to be at the top or near the top of quality on not only Smiths "Meat Is Murder" tour captures but any Smiths audience captures.

Thanks to "goody" for his continued critical work pitch adjusting and tuning our releases.

The biggest thank you to "tapetyrant" for doing such a great job capturing these important shows, for reaching out and entrusting me to present his excellent work for all to enjoy for decades to come (tapers don't let those tapes and your hard work get lost to the ages, there are plenty of folks to get in touch with here to help get them out, we're all working to leave no tape behind).

Artwork and samples included.

mjk5510 and tapetyrant