Royal Hospital Grounds; Kilmainham; Dublin 14th September 2012 [inc.]

Taper : gvataper (on the road)

Rig : DPA 4023 --> Marantz PMD661 (oade mod)

Length : 154.16

First Set

01. Dance Me to the End of Love
02. The Future
03. Bird on the Wire
04. Everybody Knows

(Missing) Who by Fire, Darkness, Sisters of Mercy, Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye, Amen

05. Different Sides

(Missing) Come Healing, I Can't Forget, In My Secret Life

06. The Flood recital followed by Anthem

Second Set

07. Tower of Song
08. Suzanne
09. Night Comes On
10. Heart with No Companion
11. The Gypsy's Wife
12. The Partisan
13. Democracy
14. Coming Back to You (performed by the Webb Sisters)
15. Alexandra Leaving (performed by Sharon Robinson)
16. I'm Your Man
17. Hallelujah
18. Take This Waltz

First Encore

19. So Long, Marianne
20. First We Take Manhattan

Second Encore

21. Famous Blue Raincoat
22. If It Be Your Will
23. Closing Time

Third Encore

24. I Tried To Leave You

Two set of batteries tanked in the first set, so some tracks are missing.
The lost track info is included, but indicated as missing.

Sample :
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man - Dublin 14th September 2012 [gvataper]