Hammer Museum; Westwood 15th January 2015

Taper : markp

Rig : Nakamichi cm300 (cp1) {JB Mod} > Hi Ho Silver Cables > Naiant Tinybox > Sony PCM-M10

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 88.03

01. Jim Hodges [Intro]
02. John Grant speaks of Jim Hodges art
03. sigourney Weaver
04. Where Dreams Go To Die
05. It Doesn't Matter To Him
06. You Don't Have To
07. Vietnam
08. GMF
09. Outer Space
10. TC and Honeybear
11. Glacier (false Start)
12. Glacier
13. Queen of Denmark
14. intro to Fireflies
15. Fireflies
16. Caramel
17. Drug
18. intro of guitar player Hopkins
19. Paint The Moon

Sample :
John Grant - Drug - Westwood 15th January 2015 [markp]

Taper Notes :
A simple thanks is not really needed or requested as I will take the fact that you downloaded it as thanks, any comments on the show or the band or the recording is always nice. this recording is in 24/48 Here is a link to what seems to be a user friendly piece of freeware should you wish to resample for cd http://www.voxengo.com/product/r8brain/ feel free to do whatever you wish with this and any other torrent i post or have ever posted it would be great if you wish to post on to other sites so others may choose to get this should they wish and please do so whenever and wherever you wish that includes if you wish to post to mp3 sites in whatever rate you wish please feel free to post any amount to blogs in any format you wish feel free to share in any format in anyway in any location at anytime you wish as once you have downloaded this here from dime it is just as much yours as it is mine so hell change the txt file, delete tracks, move tracks around, lie about where the show is from and who recorded it matrix it with a recording of some other band recorded many years before or do the one thing nobody does....listen to it. support the artist, buy releases and see them live. my one request............don't even wonder or think that i have any requests about what you do with this, as i don't..(or any other torrent i ever post)