Vicar Street; Dublin 28th January 2015

Taper : BigJim

Rig : Zoom H1 (24 bit/48 Khz) > Wavepad (Resampling 16 bit/48 Khz,track splitting) > TLH > FLAC(level 8)

Length : 132.07

Tweedy Band
01. Nobody Dies Anymore
02. Hazel
03. Fake Fur Coat
04. Diamond light Pt. 1
05. Flowering
06. Summer Noon
07. World Away
08. Grafton St banter
09. New Moon
10. Pidgeons (with false start)
11. Desert Bell
12. Banter-Band Intro
13. High As hello
14. Banter
15. Wait for love
16. Banter - Intro to Diane Izzo cover
17. Love Like A Wire (Diane Izzo)
18. Banter
19. Low Key
Jeff Solo
20. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
21. One Wing
22. Remember The Mountain Bed
23. You And I
24. Hummingbird
25. Banter
26. Born Alone
27. Jesus Etc.
28. Banter - Bono's full Name
29. Please Tell My Brother
30. Be Not So Fearful
31. Jeff Takes Requests
32. Via Chicago
33. I'm The Man Who Loves You
Encores with Tweedy Band
34. Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood
35. Only The lord Knows
36. Mavis Staples Song Intro
37. You Are Not Alone
38. Jeff Compliments us
39. Give Back The Key To My Heart
40. More Jeff Banter
41. California Stars

Tracks #1 #19 and #34 - #41 Full Band, Tracks #20 #33 Jeff solo acoustic

Tweedy Band:
Jeff Tweedy - guitars,harmonica,vocals
Spencer Tweedy - drums, backing vocals
Jim Elkington - guitar, backing vocals
Darin Gray - bass
Liam Cunningham - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals

Sample :
Tweedy - Summer Noon - Dublin 28th January 2015 [BigJim]


I was really looking forward to this show by Jeff Tweedy with his latest outfit, the Tweedy Band. I think this was Jeff's eighth visit to Vicar St, (six with Wilco & once solo), and thankfully I was at them all. I was already quite familiar with the album but the songs really came alive at the Vicar St gig. The first hour or so was the Tweedy Band without a word from Jeff until towards the end when he began to chat with us. The second portion of the show was just Jeff solo playing a selection from his deep well of songs, it brought me back to his incredible solo show in Vicar St back in 2006. And Jeff was in a really great humour and was regaling us with stories and observations so therefore he had us in the palm of his hand! It was a fantastic show, with several live debuts for me. Especially Please Tell My Brother which I have wanted to hear Jeff sing for many years! I recorded this from the Balcony using a Zoom H1. I was at the end of a row, but unfortunately there is some recorder noise at the start of Jeffs solo set on song 20 & 21 due to people going in and out to the toilet and coming back with pints. But overall I think it sounds pretty good and I would like to thank Kagee for helping me to upload this, my first ever torrent!, here on Dime. Go and See Tweedy on the road as they are a fabulous band. Enjoy! BigJim.