Sheperds Bush Empire; London 15th June 2005


Rig : Sharp MD-R420H--CSB's with battery box (bass roll off) set @ 195Hz
Lineage: Lineage: Sharp MD-R420H>Line In>FLAC Frontend
Position : Middle Of Balcony - Level 1

Sound Quality : Sample Below

Length : 61.51

01. Son Of A Gun
02. Freedom Song
03. Clean Prophet
04. Come In Come Out
05. Way Out
06. Doledrum
07. There She Goes
08. Timeless Melody
09. I.O.U.
10. I Can't Sleep
11. Feelin'
12. Liberty Ship
13. Callin' All
14. Failure
15. Looking Glass
16. Over
17. I Am The Key
18. Gimme The Blues
19. Knock Me Down

Sample :
The La's - Timeless Melody - London 15th June 2005 [ALT SOURCE]

Well, was it shambolic or boss? Judge for yourself. For me the PA could have been a tad louder to drown out the few twats at the bar rabbiting all night (gertcha!) but I had a great time and with the crowd singing along and cheering every song to the rafters etc where I was. Could have done without the long delay (how many bald roadies does it take to change a lightbulb?) and vocals were a bit quiet in places but overall a top return after so many years

Very little crowd noise, nice and clear. lmk what you think