The Stone Roses
Glasgow Green; Glasgow 15th June 2013

Taper : Johnky []

Rig : At831b > Edirol R09-HR > SD CARD > Sound Forge 6.0 > WAV > FLAC > YOU

Websites : /==/

Length : 72.17

01. Intro [Mic Interference]
02. I Wanna Be Adored [Mic Interference]
03. Elephant Stone [Mic Interference]
04. Ten Storey Love Song [Mic Interference]
05. Sally Cinnamon [Mic Interference]
06. Standing Here [Mic Interference]
07. Shoot You Down [Mic Interference]
08. Fools Gold [Mic Interference]
09. Something's Burning [Mic Interference]
10. Waterfall
11. Dont Stop
12. She Bangs The Drums
13. Love Spreads
14. This Is The One
15. Made Of Stone [inc.]

- Well, I dont know where to start with this one.....
- Was never gonna let it see the light of day but it appears no one else "taped" it.
- There were two other tapers in the pit ready to tape but decided not to, as I was taping.
- What happens? My microphones pack in after 10years.
- I have not gotten my at831b fixed and have been using my Sony ECM-CS10 since.
- This day really changed my outlook on taping gigs anymore and I am just not all that fussed anymore.
- Will probably see out my 2013 commitments and then call it a day.
- I will probably keep doing Dublin shows ocassionally but certainly not travelling anymore.
- The interference is worse at the start and gradually depreciates. From WATERFALL on it is fine.
- Very disappointing really but my outlook now is "Who Gives A F*ck".
- From the levels on the Edirol there was no indication that anything was going wrong till I listened to it after.

Audio Sample :
The Stone Roses - Elephant Stone - Glasgow 15th June 2013 [johnky - mic interference]

Videos :
The Stone Roses - Elephant Stone - Glasgow Green - Glasgow 15th June 2013 [johnky]

The Stone Roses - Breaking Into Heaven - Glasgow Green - Glasgow 15th June 2013 [johnky]

The Stone Roses - I Am The Ressurection - Glasgow Green - Glasgow 15th June 2013 [johnky]