The Olympia Theatre; Dublin 16th March 2013

Taper : toolshirt

Rig : Zoom H2 --> WAV --> Audacity to raise volume and try to reduce bass --> CD Wave --> FLAC

Length : 105.54

01. (intro)
02. Prizefighter
03. Kinda Fuzzy
04. Dog Faced Boy
05. Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac cover)
06. Tremendous Dynamite
07. That Look You Give That Guy
08. On The Ropes
09. Dirty Girl
10. Peach Blossom
11. Fresh Blood
12. Trouble With Dreams
13. The Turnaround
14. New Alphabet
15. Fresh Feeling
16. The Sound of Fear
17. (band intros + E/Chet renewing vows of rock)
18. Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler cover)
19. Go Knuckles!
20. Itchycoo Park (Small Faces cover)
21. Souljacker, Part I
22. Wonderful, Glorious
23. (encore break)
24. Bombs Away
25. My Beloved Monster / Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (mashup)
26. (encore break)
27. Stick Together
28. Go EELS!
29. (outro)

Sample :
Eels - Itchycoo Park [Small Faces] - Dublin 16th March 2013 [toolshirt]

A year ago, my wife and I left San Francisco behind and started traveling around Europe. It's been a very interesting experience, of course, but it makes going to shows complicated. I've mostly been missing tours altogether, but I HAD to see the Eels and Dublin ended up being the most convenient show. I'd wanted to visit Dublin anyway, so this worked out. Unfortunately, we didn't remember it was St. Patrick's Day weekend - so, in addition to being busier than usual, every hotel in the city was approximately $1,000,000/night. Ah well. We made it in and out, nice city and glad we went. (Side note - we also went to Norway and Sweden after this to see a couple Louis CK shows. Anyone know of a place I could post standup recordings?)

Before going to the show, I wanted to see if they would be bringing back the "lights on" encore (answer's yes), so I did some quick scans of reviews and setlists while trying to avoid the actual songs played. I noticed "Bombs Away" opened all of the shows, which I was already hoping for because it felt right. To my surprise, "Prizefighter" ended up opening this show with "Bombs Away" starting the encore. As far as I know, this is the only time the first song's been changed this year. It seems to also be the only time "Brave Little Soldier" wasn't played and that two encores were played instead of three. It didn't seem to affect the number of songs played overall, but "Brave Little Soldier" was the song I wanted most going in. Ah well, again. I heard it 13 years ago at my first Eels show, I believe with the lights on.

To finish - this is my 9th Eels show and I really enjoyed it. Recording came out a lot better than I expected it to and actually sounds really good. It's much better than my last two Eels recordings (San Francisco 2010 and 2011). Samples below.