Foro Sol; Mexico City 17th March 2016

Taper : "Mascara De Piedra" (Xavel-SMS-089)

Sound Quality : IEM / AUD MATRIX - Sample Below

Length : 70.53 / 56.48


(01) Opening (1:53)
(02) Start Me Up (4:12)
(03) It's Only Rock and Roll (4:48)
(04) Tumbling Dice (5:21)
(05) Out Of Control (7:04)
(06) Let's Spend The Night Together (4:$3)
(07) Angie (3:47)
(08) Paint It Black (6:05)
(09) Honky Tonk Women (4:17)
(10) Band introductions (3:29)
(11) You Got The Silver (4:18)
(12) Happy (6:01)
(13) Midnight Rambler (14:49)


(01) Miss You (9:25)
(02) Gimme Shelter (7:34)
(03) Sympathy For The Devil (4:38)
(04) Start Me Up (8:19)
(05) Brown Sugar (8:17)
(06) You Can't Always Get What You Want (8:16)
(07) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (10:15)

Sample : The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil - Mexico 17th March 2016 [IEM]

Notes :
Notes: This is a recording of the second of two nights of the Stones' performance in Mexico City on their 2015-2016 greatest-hits tour. In terms of the performance, it's remarkable to me that this band is still so entertaining live well into their sixth decade of touring. Granted, they have a top-notch touring band, but even the core members are still performing at a high level. Mick is still nailing the tough notes while performing a physically demanding set even at his advanced age. As with the other dates of this tour, this is a well-oiled production of a selection of their greatest hits.

The sound quality is, in a word, stunning. Apparently this draws from multiple IEM sources as well as at least one audience recording, and the mix is nearly perfect. It's hard to imagine a pure soundboard surprassing this in terms of sound quality. For a label that has come out of nowhere in the last couple of years, Xavel has hit this one out of the park again.

If you are a Stones fan of any era, this one (as well as the other Mexico City date which will follow shortly) is essential. Even though the setlist doesn't have any surprises, the sound quality and performance alone make this one a keeper.

Many thanks to Andrea82 for posting this on the ElectricLadyland tracker; I'm assuming this was a pricey set, so I really appreciate him taking one for the team and making it available to the masses. I was granted permission to post these to Dime with the thought that they could become available to a much wider audience.