Admiralspalast; Berlin 17th May 2019

Recording Info :

Device1_ Roland R-09HR
Micro1-2_ OKM-Soundman-PopAV
Device2_ Roland R-09HR
Micro3-4_ CHURCH AUDIO CA-14
Device3_ Roland R-26
Micro5-10_ intern (6x)
Taper_ karstenausNDH
PfduMG_ 4.row of seats
Rec-Mode_ WAV 24bit-48kHZ

Sound Quality : Amazing Audience Matrix - Sample Below

Length : 237.55

01. Fool's Game
02. I'll Be You, Be Me
03. Don't Settle
04. My Little Ruin
05. When Your Mind's Made Up (The Swell Season)
06. Bird of Sorrow (Love Is Blindness)
07. Talking With the Wolves
08. One of Us Must Lose
09. Talk
10. The Closing Door
11. Fitzcarraldo (The Frames)
12. Wreckless Heart
13. Talk
14. Race to the Bottom
15. Talk
16. Cold Night-Maria Elena edit (Petra Hermanova)
17. Didn't He Ramble
18. Leave a Light
19. Talk
20. Way Back in the Way Back When
21. Grace Beneath the Pines (standing on pa without microphone)
22. Falling Slowly (The Swell Season)
23. Her Mercy (Bird on the Wire)
24. Talk
25. Ferdinand et Marguerite (Joe Quartz)
26. Revelate (The Frames)
27. Good Life of Song
28. Passing Through (Pete Seeger)
29. standing ovation
30. This Gift

Audio Sample : Glen Hansard - Revelate - Berlin 17th May 2019 [MATRIX]

Band :
Glen Hansard_ vocals, guitar
Javier Mas_ Guitar
Rob Bochnik_ guitar
Joe Doyle_ bass
Earl Harvin_ drums
Ruth O'Mahony-Brady_ piano, keyboards
Michael Buckley_ saxophone
Paula Hughes_ cello
Katie O'Connor_ violin
Una O'Kane_ violin
Guests :
Joe Quartz
Petra Hermanova