Z7 Konzertfabrik; Pratteln 17th October 2015

Taper : fandelive

Source : MM-HLSC-1 (4.7k mod done by Church Audio) > CA-9100 > Edirol R09-HR @ 24/48 (line-in).
Conversion : SanDisc 16GB SDHC Memory Card > Adobe Audition 1.5 > tracked w/CD Wave > FLAC conversion w/dBpoweramp.
Generation : .WAV [16-bit/44.1kHz MASTER] > .FLAC [0] Compression level 8

Sound Quality : Sample Below

Length : 97.44

01. I Wanna Get Lost With You
02. C'est La Vie
03. Superman
04. Graffiti on the Train
05. Indian Summer
06. Vegas Two Times
07. Song for the Summer
08. Maybe Tomorrow
09. White Lies *
10. Mr Writer
11. Into the World
12. Mr and Mrs Smith ^
13. Violins and Tambourines
14. Been Caught Cheating
15. Local Boy in the Photograph
16. A Thousand Trees
17. Catacomb
xx. _encore_
18. Just Looking
19. The Bartender and the Thief
20. Dakota

* Kelly Jones on piano
^ including brief drum solo by Jamie Morrison

Audio Sample :
Stereophonics - Mr Writer - Pratteln 17th October 2015 [fandelive]

Taper Notes :
Overall a nice sounding tape with clear vocals and a great balance between instruments.

This is my second time seeing these guys live. First time was twelve years ago during the "You Gotta Go There To Come Back" tour back in 2003.
Setlist was quite different this time. Half of the set consisted of songs from their last two albums.
I was pleased to see they don't exclusively rely on hits occasional listeners WANT to hear, but they also defend their recent material.

Performance, also, was flawless.

Audience chatters kept to the minimum until about two minutes into "Violins and Tambourines" when three peasant tourists decided to leave the bar and settle down to my right. My cardioid mics fortunately made their conversation barely understandable (if not audible) on the recording.

I politely asked them to shut up, which they did during "Been Caught Cheating" (not that the girl didn't manage to perform a memorable hot lap dance using her man as a pole to rub up and down on). I then took an opportunity to move a few rows forward as they started talking again.

Starting from "Local Boy" to the end of the show, the band threw in a couple of oldies and the whole crowd went totally bat-shit crazy. Still, enthusiasts and drunk sing-alongers got buried by the loud PA :)

You might notice a slight bass drum distortion (or was it some kind of hard limiting filter ?) at some very exceptional points.
I'm not even sure myself... This came from the PA.

Show highlights (IMHO) :

* Kelly's vocals still top notch. * An amazing "Graffiti on the Train/Song for the Summer/Been Caught Cheating" acoustic triptych.
* Crowd chant at the end of "Maybe Tomorrow".
* Fantastic drum outro for "Mr and Mrs Smith".
* Overall energy on stage.